Monday, March 10, 2008

When you don't sleep enough your eyes play tricks with your head...

Now wouldn't that be an interesting idea for a would also be hell to endure...but I got $20 that says it would be an entertaining read. Too bad for you that same $20 says there's no way in hell I'd ever start such a "journey." Not sleeping is a bad idea. I've done it a few times. Never more than two days, but believe me that was plenty. I've heard after 72 hours your brain/body start shutting down on you...or at least start heavily demanding sleep. I bring all this up because my weekend looked like this:

-Friday night: leave work early bc the bosses were both at a meeting that was running extremely late down in Burien or Renton or somewhere when one called to have me shut down his computer I took that as leaving early would be jsut fine. Too bad I can't remember what else I did. I feel like I went and did I don't think I did. Stayed up until 4am though.

-Saturday afternoon: get up around 2pm. Yikes. I knew I was screwed that night. Not gonna be able to sleep at any kind of a resonable hour. Damnit. Roommate was gone when I got up so I just chilled at home. Played lots of XBOX and was basically worthless. Later on, around what I thought was 2am, my friend Shannon calls. Haven't talked to her in a few months and it was real late so I was She didn't sound drunk but she must have been. Here's what that conversation looked like (her responses in italics):

"Hey Shannon, what's up?"

"Not much, what are you up to?"

"Just chillin at home....'bout to watch a movie. Why aren't you asleep?"

"Its Saturday night...and its not that late?

"Its almost 2am."

"You mean 3am?"

"Damnit. I forgot about day light savings. Now its even later...why are you still up?"

"Yea it is....I always stay up for day light savings. You gotta do it."

"Haha. Sure...that's why I'm still up."

"You aren't giving very detailed responses."

"You aren't asking very intricate questions."

***lost connection***

It was very strange. Oh well. Bad reception on the cell at home. Watch a movie (Monster's good) and then after checking email/facebook/mysapce it was nearly 5am. DAMN!

-Sunday morning: force myself to get up (actually set my freaking alarm clock on the weekend...I hate when I have to do that) so that I could get to sleep at a decent hour for work the next morning. So five hours or so of sleep. After 10 the night before, you'd think 7.5 average for the two nights would be enough. Nope. Watched some basketball, played some more XBOX, went to the Thunderbirds hockey game with Sizer & Diesel. Good times. Randomly ran into some old family friends from church, Devin & Greg Bjorn. It was strange. Greg is all grown up now. It was cool though. Chatted for a bit then continued on our ways. Also saw Kyle Paulsen. He's all grown up too...he's the younger brother of a good friend of mine from way back in the preschool. What?!? He's also the youngest of two (Lisa being the oldest and my way old friend) children of my dentist. Strange, huh? Went back home and played some Grif Ball on Halo 3. Sweet new game mode. I won't go into too much detail bc if you have Halo, you've played, if you don't...then you probably don't care :) Played some other XBOX games then managed to get to bed around 3:30 in the FREAKING MORNING. Usually get up ar 6:30am for work. Yikes!!! Slept in until about 8:05 and after waiting forever for the bus got to work around 9:50, which is only about an hour and a half late (8:30 start time). Meh. Bosses were like....we didn't see you but now you're here....ok good. Still left (whoa this blog will be dated for before when I left work but I'm finishing it up a day later...SHA-ZAM!)

I gotta stop starting posts then finishing them up days...or even weeks after the fact. Makes it impossible to regain that train of thought from the original post. I even left myself little notes and subjects to talk about when I revisited this entry but it doesn't help too much now. Oh well. Doesn't make much sense to jump into anything current either, so how about we just wrap this up and start a new post....that
I probably won't finish until April...or August?


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