Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One blog. Two blog? Three blog? Twelve.

I came across a nice treat today whlie looking at the blogs of note. One in particular is the "foodie" blog, but the author has another blog that I find fascinating because I've wanted to do something very similar for quite some time now. Over the past few years I go through quick spurts where I have this very strong urge to find, purchase & being using a Polaroid camera. I don't even know if you can buy new ones anymore. And I'm sure finding film isn't terribly easy or cheap...but then again I've not done a ton of research. I just get these intense, but fleeting urges to Polaroid it up. Probably not going to happen soon (seeing as I'm getting a one week paycheck this friday instead of the normal two weeks bc I'm some kind of stupid and forgot to enter the 2nd week...unreal) but I would really like to get my hands on a fully functioning Polaroid and, as Rob & Big would say, "do work!"

Maybe starting my photographic Polaroid journey would solve this, but I've also had this urge to a running motif in my blog. Something like "(thing) of the day/week/ month/etc," but nothing has grabbed me yet. I've seen some clever ideas, like a blog devoted entirely to what's in the blogger's pockets at the end of the day/when they sit down to blog...or the daily haiku blog...or the foodie blog that includes a "drink of the week" as part of her ongoing efforts to becoming a foodie (which she clearly already is but meh).

Based on my posting history, and knowing my own limitations, I don't think a daily diddy is going to happen, but I do rather like the idea of "(insert great idea here) of the week." I did have the idea to start an "at work" blog in which I would only post at work and/or post about things that happened at work...where it happened to me, or someone else, or whatever. That could be pretty entertaining. Today's entry might look something like this...

As usual Ben came over to take his 10 shots on my nerf hoop, and (unfortunately) as usual did significantly better than I did....Ben: 9/10, Self: 5/10....what was much more fun and new (but hopefully a recurring thing) was our rendition of the game "horse," which we called Whoo hoo (in honor of WaMu's new stupid slogan...and so we could joke that it was a "work function." lol.) Not sure why that idea never came to be until now....but seeing as there are no loans to acquire, maintenance, board, fund, or even watch get screwed up by processing, we have more time to goof off. Anyway...it was a lot of fun and I ended up winning "Whoo hoo" to "Whoo ho." Yep. I'm a Whoo ho but a winner nonetheless.

Maybe I'll start a blog based on the games I play at work. Whoa. (that one's for you Pomona :D) Then again I'm not sure I'll find another job that will allow me to have a nerf basketball hoop at my desk...I guess we'll wait and see.

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