Monday, April 21, 2008

For as much as I know or want...

There's even more that is unknown or uncertain.

I know many things. Most of which aren't helpful on a daily the capital of Chad, where the phrase "winner, winner, chicken dinner" came from, Natalie Portman's birthday or that my friend Jason shares his birthday with a "special" occasion. For the most part, those are all nice to know but in the grander scheme of life...ultimately pointless.

Right now I'd trade all my useless knowledge for any sort of information regarding where my next job is going to be, or even when that will happen. My current job is stressing me out enough, but then throw in that I'm being laid off and might not be able to follow my bosses to their new company is really getting to me. More so than normal. I think part of it is that I've become so accustomed to the way things were at work...and that will soon end. It could also be that I have BIG plans for this summer, and without a solid job I may not be able to do any of it...again. Or it may also be the fact that I'm turning 25, I've never really dated very much, only had two serious relationships and I've broken up with any girl I've ever dated. I am so ready to be in a serious, committed relationship, but simultaneously I'm terrified I won't recognize her when she's there in front of me...or maybe I've already passed her by. I'm hyper competitive and can't stand losing or failing in any way, but my biggest fear is ending up least in the sense of being single.

Maybe it's just that spring is here and that's when it always seems like everyone else around you has someone, but its hard to argue with that statement right now. Especially when part of this summer involves two of my good friends getting married to each other. Psyched for them...but bummed for me.

Then again I had kind of a crappy day so I could just be in a somber/poopy mood. The week promises to get better with meeting old friends for lunch, a few M's games and payday, so hopefully today was just a bad day and things will start looking up. Yay optimism...or something.

Boeing = getting paid = being awesome this summer

So I have eight days of work left here with WaMu. Two M's games, a paycheck & a bonus/incentive check will help ease the pain...HA HA. I just want to know when I get my severance check & my vacation pay out. Unfortunately I also need to secure a new job, preferably with that I can make bank. Or at least more than I make now, which really isn't that much for having a four year degree, so that my plans for summer awesomeness can happen...and not put me back in credit card debt :)

I went and saw 21 last night. Fun movie. Not outstanding, but definitely makes you want to go to Vegas, even if you've never been before or if you've been within the last few months. As I was leaving the theater with my roommate I asked him if he wanted to make the Vegas trip in July (which we'd already agreed to) our second trip to Vegas this year. WHAT!?! Yea...that'd mean we would go in the next 30-50 days, and then go again in July. I mean...why not? Vegas rules. Throw in that my roommate's never gone before, and that this is the summer of awesomeness and "life experiences"...then there's no way to turn it down.

Next step is to get another guy on board...or two girls. I think these are the best two options when two guys are already either bring on a third guy to rock it bachelor style (has to be another single dude tho) or find the right two ladies (fun, easy going, like to party and let loose) to pair up with the two guys.

Our first idea was an old college roommate of mine, who would be perfect for the third guy even though he's not single...well at least I thought he wasn't. I run the idea by him in a text message and he replies back with this (summary) "sounds great, but I got in a drunk fight with my girlfriend recently and got arrested for DV (domestic violence)...I didn't hit her or anything but I have to go to court in early May and I'm not sure what will come of it." WOW! I hadn't talked to him in awhile so to get that kind of news just blew my mind. Hopefully it will all work out well for both of them, and he will be able to come with us...because he and I together (OMG especially in Vegas) would be out of control...but in a good way.

Scenario two involves my roommate being significantly more proactive with the ladies than he's accustomed to. A good friend's sister has shown interest in seeing him, but whether its "hey we had fun that one time so we should be friends and hang out" or "hey we had fun that one time and we should totally date" is very much still up in the air. He thinks there's more of the latter going on, but when it comes to the ladies (sorry dude you know I love you) he's more like Mr. Magoo than Mr. Smooth Operator. I am hopeful on this though, because if he's right I think he can convince her and her fun friend (at least according to him) to party with us in Vegas.

So my summer is looking like this right now:
-Memorial Day weekend: camping with the all the guys for my buddy's bachelor party
-early June: my 25th birthday (craziness) & an M's game with the guys
-somewhere around here: Vegas trip #1
-late June: trip to NYC with college roommate to attend Yankees & Mets game
-early to mid July: trip to Chicago to visit friends and go to first Cubs game
-mid to late July: Vegas trip #2
-late July: good friends' wedding in Oregon
-late August: roommate's 25th birthday
-all the while attending at least one game for every home series the M's play @ Safeco (so far I'm 3 for 3, soon to be 5 for 5 after this week)

This is going to be one hell of a summer...and one giant pain in the ass to plan and coordinate so it all happens...bring it on!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Work, beer & snow?

Still no "official" word but my last day at the HLC will be the 30th of this month. I don't know this with absolute certainty but seeing as I have to turn in my keys by the end of day on the 30th, and my e-mail & phone access are being disabled on May 1st...I'm not coming in to work even if I still have a job after the 30th. So there that is.

This last Thursday, the year of sobriety ended with a glorious evening at Prost! I was going to wait until my birthday to have a drink, but after gathering at Prost! with some friends, I decided it better to go big...with a 2 liter boot (giant boot shaped glass that is passed around the table until its I didn't drink it by myself) of one of my favorite beers (delicious German hef called Franziskaner) and then some half liters of the tasty Spaten Pils in my very own, personalized (with my name and the month/year when I "earned" it) stein. Plus one of my favorite bartenders was there too so it all lined up as a great night to have my first beer in over three months.

Again I really believe I could go the whole year without drinking, but I enjoy a nice beer here and there, especially if I'm going to Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field & Vegas this summer.

And then it snowed. On Friday. In freaking April. And this was after a glorious near 80 degree Saturday last week. So a week after a nice sunny day of frisbee and two hand touch at Greenlake, some buddies and I went up a little north and played some three on three, two hand touch IN THE FREAKING SNOW. It was a lot of fun, but oh so freezing cold...especially when you run a play where you're required to intentionally fall down to draw the attention of the defense. Brrrrrr!

So there's a quick update of what's going on with me and a brief look at my weekend. Also...that creepy $5 foot long Subway commercial just came on. If you've seen it, then you know EXACTLY what I mean. Its really just disturbing and if the oven roasted chicken breast sub wasn't so good...I'm pretty sure I'd be staying clear of Subway.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Raptors, Hornets & Hawks...oh my!

So its not got quite the same feel as "lions, tigers & bears" but my choices were limited.

Now that the wild and historic trip through the NCCA's Madness of March is over, the NBA postseason is upon us with its own sweet 16 set and ready to play. Back in late February before the trade deadline, key injuries & a certain 22 game streak took place, I boldly made my playoff predictions. I made some right picks, some half right picks, and was just plain wrong on others, but for not being an NBA expert I think I did pretty well.

In the East I correctly predicted seven of the eight playoff teams, including all three division winners and accurately placed four teams in the right seed (#1, 2, 3 & 8). Out West I had all eight current playoffs team still playing at this point in the season.

I predicted the Lakers would win their division, and be the #1 overall seed out West, which is true. I also predicted the Jazz would win their division as well. With all the craziness out West though, I was only able to lock down two teams in their correct seed (#1 & #8) and failed to predict New Orleans as a division winner.

Initially I had the Lakers beating the Jazz out West, and the Celtics taking down the Pistons in the East, with the Lakers winning it all. I think I'm going to stick with that for the most part, but let's take a look at the actually seeding and I'll look into my crystal ball one more time.

(1) L.A. v. (8) Denver: Lakers swept the Nuggets in the regular season, and I see much of the same here.
Lakers win in five.

(2) New Orleans v. (7) Dallas: Season series is tied at 2-2, with each team winning both home games (though NO needs OT to win one of those home games). I think the Hornets had a great run, and CP3's lack of playoff experience won't be as big of a factor as most people think. He'll play great, but the Mavs have too much playoff experience and the reigning MVP in Dirk.
Mavs win in six.

(3) San Antonio v. (6) Phoenix: Suns lead the season series 3-1, with each team trading road wins in the first two games then Phoenix taking the last two after the addition of Shaq. The Spurs didn't seem to do too much this year and yet they're the #3 seed. Even still, I think they've peaked as a team and even if they manage to sink the Sun(ny) Shaq attack in round one, they won't win the title this year and probably not again with Duncan. They're too old and I think everyone else has figured them out, especially Shaq & the Suns.
Suns win in six.

(4) Utah v. (5) Houston: Jazz lead the season series 2-1, and despite winning their division the Rockets get home court advantage here because they have the better record. I'm really not sure how this one will play out. McGrady has never won a playoff series, and despite losing Yao they played great ball to close out the season. With Yao the edge is clearly with Houston, but without him it's pretty much a toss up. Alston will be out the first two games in Houston so...
Jazz win in six.

(1) L.A. v. (4) Jazz: I think Gasol, Bynum (if he's back), Turiaf & Walton will neutralize Boozer, Okur & Kirilenko. Fisher & Farmar can handle Williams enough to keep him from taking over games. Jazz are extremely tough at home, but without home court advantage and Kobe (you thought I was forgetting about him didn't you) they'll play the Lakers tough but bow out here.
Lakers win in seven.

(6) Suns v. (7) Mavs: Run, run, run. Defense? Where? Let's see who scores 120 first. This will be a fun series to watch and a tough one to predict. It seems like Kidd has finally settled in and is in sync with the team, and Dirk. Their bench is thin, but then again so is the Suns' bench. If Shaq & Amare can stay out of foul trouble, I give the edge to Phoenix. Two key players to watch in this series will be Raja Bell & Josh Howard, as both will play key roles to their team's success. Edge goes to Raja for his 3-point shooting and lock down defense...and thus the Suns win.
Suns win in six.

(1) L.A. v. (6) Suns: I just realized this means Kobe v. Shaq. How ridiculously awesome would that be? OMG. Lakers have the better team, the better bench, the better coach & the best player in the league. Plus they have "that look" right now. Expect many quotable moments from Shaq in this series, and the Lakers' defense to be the difference.
Lakers win in six.

(1) Boston v. (8) Atlanta: Here is all you need to know...KG
Boston wins in four

(2) Detroit v. (7) Philadelphia: Surprisingly the series is tied 2-2. Each team with a road win. Philly was a pleasant playoff surprise but the Pistons can beat you in too many ways and have an uber load of experience.
Detroit wins in five.

(3) Orlando v. (6) Toronto: Howard v. Bosh and solid role players for both squads, though Bargnani needs to step it up and prove himself. Magic have better role players and supporting cast, and the Turkoglu/Lewis combo is deadly from the outside. Plus Howard can be completely unstoppable at times on both ends of the floor.
Magic win in five.

(4) Cleveland v. (5) Washington: Does this matchup not happen every year? I mean seriously. Too bad for the Wizards they're still mediocre and the Cavs still have LeBron...which means 30,8,8, 2 (steals) & 1 (block) on any given night. Cavs aren't dominate enough to sweep or completely shut down the Wizards, but they're good enough to win.
Cavs win in six.

(1) Boston v. (4) Cleveland: LeBron may just play out of his mind...even more so than in playoffs past, but in the end the Celtics are just too much. Cavs cannot stop or even contain KG, and Rondo runs wild on the Cavs, putting up career high numbers. Really not even close here.
Celtics win in five.

(2) Detroit v. (3) Orlando: If Orlando comes in confident and still running hot from round 1, watch out Detroit. They've looked exploitable at times this season, but the Magic have also looked juvenile at times too. I don't think Detroit is quite as "over the hill" as the Spurs, but I see a symbolic passing of the torch to the Magic as Dwight Howard brings it like we've never seen before, and the Magic are that new scary team that nobody wants to see in the the Pistons used to be.
Magic win in six.

(1) Boston v (3) Orlando: Howard is playing with such force that people start to wonder why a guy averaging 20 & 14 on a division winner didn't get more MVP hype. Unfortunately the Magic run face first into destiny...and its not on their side. KG elevates his game to match the new intensity of Howard, but his playoff experience & MVP caliber career are the difference, though Pierce hits the series winner and is named Conf. Finals MVP.
Celtics win in five.

(1) Boston v. (1) Los Angeles: No this is not the 70s and 80s. There is no Magic, no Bird, no Kareem, no Parrish, no Walton, no McHale...but the Celtics/Lakers rivalry is back on center stage. I truly think these are the two best teams from their respective conferences, and will showcase this throughout the playoffs to reach the NBA Finals. Boston may have three superstars, but the Lakers counter with two, one of whom is the best player in the league, and this year's MVP, as well as the best coach in the game. KG is as dominant as ever, but is getting old, and the younger (now healthier) Gasol is up to the task of taking on the Big Ticket. I think Pierce & Rondo will do a tremendous job on guarding Kobe, but great offense will always trump great defense, and that is the case here. Kobe has been on a mission all year long to prove he's still the greatest, he can lead a team without showing them up, and that he can win a title without Shaq. Not even the greatest turnaround in NBA history can stop Kobe this year. Sorry Beantown but this trophy is going to L.A.
Lakers win in six.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Quick thoughts

Right now. At this very moment. I know the following to be true: (along with so many other things but most importantly these things...)

-I had a great weekend: hanging out friday, frisbee on saturday and more hanging out/halo with the boys, ms walk on sunday morning followed by an m's game

-I went to the last three M's home games (1-2) and had a blast

-I saw
Jon Brockman at Monday's game...talked to him for a bit which was cool...very chill dude

-I've spent over 5.5 hours over the past two days meeting with potential employers

-How I Met Your Mother is a great show

-I'm about 95% sure I'm going to New York and Chicago this summer to watch baseball and visit some old friends in the latter -I don't want to make a career out of mortgage lending

-Come my birthday I think I'm going to end the Year of Sobriety challenge...its not that I can't make it a whole year, but if I'm going to WRIGLEY FIELD and Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium this year (and this will be the first and last time I go to Yankee Stadium bc the Yankees are evil and the stadium is being torn down after this season) I want to be able to enjoy it to the having a hot dog and a beer with my college roommate (at least in new york)...and then if I'm spending my birthday (well two days after) at the M's game with the boys...I want to enjoy that to the fullest too and have a birthday beer with the boys as we cheer on the M's...totally -Being single sucks...I either want to start seriously going out often on dates with different women...or the same one if she's the right fit...bc ultimately I want one of those dates to lead me to the woman of my dreams

That's a wrap.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The feeling is mutual...

Late yesterday afternoon one of the loan consultants here in the office gathered everyone into the conference room. We only meet as a group for our weekly office meeting, and seeing as our manger was still on vacation in Hawaii, this was extremely out of the ordinary and quite perplexing. I thought there was something silly or funny going on out on the street. When I got to the conference room and saw most of the office was already in there, I knew it was nothing funny but still had no idea what was going on. Not a clue. Now I'm just worried that something terrible has happened to our manager or someone else in the office or the LFC had blown up...something awful but what I wasn't expecting what I was about to hear...

"Washington Mutual is shutting down all Home Loan Centers across the country."


Apparently our manager got notificaiton he had a conference call at 3pm on Monday. He was in the airport in Hawaii waiting to return home from his vacation with his family. He had no idea what was about to happen. After his conference call broke the news, he called a guy in our office so he could gather everyone together and let us all know asap. Whoa. We all knew the bank wanted to really focus their efforts on the BLC program (a BLC is a Bank Loan Consultant and they want to have one BLC in every branch) but no one expected the company to get rid of the Home Loan Centers, at least not the offices in established markets, like the Northwest. I mean, we're the freaking top producing HLC in the entire company for 2008. WTH!?!!

We did just get something like $7 billion from some TPG company. Some parntership was formed to where they now own a portion of the company and have a seat on our board of directors or something. An effort to offset our losses I guess. Suspicion around here is that the deal included a laundry list of demands in order for them to give WaMu the money, of which may have included getting rid of all the HLCs. Its all speculation but the timing of it, coupled with the company suddenly closing every home loan center in the country has to make you wonder...

Oddly enough, I was looking to move on from WaMu and if I could get some sort of early severance package worked out I was going to try and make April my last month. Turns out just about everyone in the office has been getting calls from other companies trying to lure them away. What they don't realize is the LCs here are only still with WaMu because of each other...not because WaMu is so great. They all thought this was the place where they could succeed and flourish and do great things but it turns out they were wrong...either that or the company is just so far from where it used to be that its not even really WaMu anymore...its some shell of its former self. Idk. I'm done with WaMu anyway so if they're done with me too, then everyone's happy.

The following day, yesterday, Tuesday, our manager was back in the office and gathered everyone together again to talk about what's next. He expressed his feelings about the whole thing, and how he felt moving the office as one cohesive unit was going generate more options than everyone seeking out new offices on their own. He also shared how he had come to realize that he didn't like working for WaMu so much as he liked the people he worked with. Apparently WaMu does this amazing job of fooling people into thinking its a great place to work, but once the initial glitz wears off you realize that its not so fantastic after all...but hopefully you've met some great people along the way who make the job worthwhile.

So now we're all looking for new jobs. Feverishly. People have already interviewed with other lenders. Those phone calls they got last month are now being returned in hopes the offers still stand. For me though, I don't think I'm going to follow the group, or even my two LCs. Lending is not for me. It was fun while it lasted, and the people in the office really are a special group. Sitting in the meeting on Tuesday, and listening to all the chatter about what is wanted from a new company (benefits, compensation, marketing support, office location, perks, etc), I fully understood just how unique of an office this is. People are laughing, and joking. Playing off each other. Referring to people I've never met but who they used to know "back in the day." Being serious about wanting to move as a unit. Missing those who were on vacation, or out of the office. It was really something amazing to behold. That's the kind of place I want to work. Doesn't matter who I'm working for, or even what I do, so long as I enjoy the people I work with. It makes all the difference. It makes up for a stressful drive into work, or an irritable customer, or a botched deal or even a crappy lunch. I want that.

And speaking of where to go next...I'm out covering the front desk and have taken about six calls from other lenders in the last hour. I'm not kidding. They're all calling to talk to my manager about taking the group. Why wouldn't they? They produce big numbers, all get along and would be more willing to bust their ass for a new company if that company allowed them to keep their office unity they all hold so dear. I also had three calls at the same time. All three lines. And the lady on the first line wouldn't stop talking so I could transfer her. One of those calls was a lender calling for my manager too. The phones are ringing again, but not from people wanting loans...instead its the loan companies looking for people.

Knowing what I know about the people in the office, I'm not worried about any of them finding work. They're all experienced, and the few who aren't as experienced will be looked out for by the group. Its just how they are. I hope they are able to move together though, at least those who wish to do so. I was talking to one of my favorite LCs in the office the day, and she was saying how she's now been here, with the HLC, for eight years. This is home. Her parents just recently sold her childhood house and she recently moved or something...and she never spent more than four years at any one school, so the HLC was really like home for her. So to have to suddenly up and leave is going to be so much more difficult than just finding a new'll be finding a new home.

I was just recently reflecting on the fact that I was going to be with the company for two years in May and how proud I was of that. Considering I started as a teller after I moved to Seattle without having a job, and almost leaving after a few months, the fact that its now almost two years is pretty cool. I think so anyway...then again WaMu has pretty much volunteered to be placed in my little black book of evil things (no such book actually exists) by the way they've handled most anything as of late. Oh well. Guess that next chapter of my life starts sooner than I thought...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Oh the unexpected!

As I have previously posted, I will most likely be laid off in June or early July due to reasons completely outside of my control. That I knew and was expecting. Talking to my boss this morning however, he told me we needed to have a little chat sometime later in the day. That I did not expect, and left me feeling quite unsettled.

A few hours later, we walked to the conference room to have out little chat, and while I was expecting some sort of unpleasant to bad news, I was in no way prepared for what he was about to say (paraphrased): "You are costing us too much."


Recently the company increased the bps (percentage) that my bosses (bc they are a partnership I believe its higher) have to pay in order to keep an assistant. I knew they paid some of my salary but I guess I didn't realize that percentage increased at the start of the year. This fact, coupled with the market we're in, means every month my portion of their paycheck is more and more noticeable. Now, the news was not all bad. He said that he liked me as a person and as an employee, and thought the three of us meshed well together...which is true...but that he needed me to start brining in deals or else it wasn't cost effective to keep me around. I understand that, but I didn't think that conversation was ever going to happen. In his defense, I was hired with the intent of being a producing assistant, in that I would help the team with their deals, but also bring in my own. I've only brought in one deal, well two, and they both happened upon me by random chance.

So produce an equity line a week, or I'm done. Pretty simple, completely reasonable and totally within my capabilities. The only problem is I don't like selling things to people. It seriously causes me physical discomfort, which is why I've only produced two deals...and really those only happened because they more or less fell into my lap. I have the intelligence, the mental guile (um...sure) and communication skills to find good leads, know why they could benefit from an equity line, and be able to combat all their reasons for not wanting to set one up...but it's just far too troubling for me to do. I canont stand when people try to sell me things, even if they're very polite, respectful of my space/time and are selling me something I can genuinly benefit from, I still get very irritated by the attempt. Its quick, sudden and a very strong feeling of rage really. I don't want to say I hate them, because that's not true, but I guess I do hate what they're trying to peddle onto me...or the very core idea of sales.

I just can't do it. And that's nothing new...I've always been this way. Its not that I'm not capable either, its just that I can't. That may not make sense to anyone, but its completely true and real for me. On the other side of that though, if a deal, a cutomer or a situation is presented to me (where I was not forced to sell them anything), then I am all over it and will kick ass. Existing deal that needs my help...consider it done. Go get a new deal and kick ass?....not gonna happen. I'm a customer service, problem solving, organizational kind of person I suppose. That's what I do best...not sales.

So now I'm forced with a difficult decision. I can stay, at least until June/July when I'm going to be laid off, but will be forced to do the very thing I hate in order to keep my job...and realistically I know that won't happen...or it will but internally I will hate myself and feel horrid...all the whlie costing my bosses an extra percentage of their paychecks so that I can keep a job that I will ultimately lose, and that I will ultimately hate doing for the next three months. Like I said, I like the guys I work for, but I dont' think I can keep costing them dollars when I won't really be able to do what their asking me to do. I thought I would be able to produce when they hired me on, I really did, or I wouldn't have wasted their time and money in hiring me. But ultimately what this has shown me is that I simply cannot stay in a sales job. It's just not who I am or what I want to do.

What do I want to do? I don't know...but I now know its not my current job and I know I don't want to work for WaMu anymore. This job and this company have caused me far too much stress over the past six months, and show no signs of changing for the better. I don't want a job with such a bleek outlook, nor do I want to stay with a company that doesn't seem to care if I work here or not. Some of the people I have met and worked with along the way have made my stay here enjoyable, and have shown compassion, but I don't work with them anymore or I won't get to work with them for much longer.

I have had a blast working here at the HLC. Working downtown was everything I thought it was going to be, and more. I've grown to love the city that I used to hate. Growing up I didn't like Seattle because it was so big, confusing and too fast for me. Now though, I love it, because I've figured out how to tame the beast that is downtown. The people here, for the most part, are great too...even the crazy ones make for sporadic entertainment. And how could I forget the "office trip" to Vegas...amazing!!! Seriously it was the best trip ever. So much fun. And even though its the very thing that will lead to the end for me here, I've learned some very important and valuable lessons about who I am, what I like and what's not for me....and I think those are important things to have a firm grasp on for anyone finding their way through the early stages of their career.

Wish my luck...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Class & Common Sense

We all need plenty of both. There's really no debating that. We do love however, to debate how often (and how much) we lack those two things...and for most that's a losing argument.

While on the bus this morning, we arrived at the stop at 46th & Aurora, near the Wallingford area. Typically this is one of the biggest stops, at least based on the number of people that typically board the bus, and this morning was no different. Unfortunately the bus was already brimming with passengers as we pulled up, and as such, we were only able to take on a few more riders. This meant leaving a good 10-15 people still waiting at the bus stop. What is also important to note, is that this section of Aurora is very busy in the mornings, and even if buses did slow down after pulling away from the bus stop to let on that last person running for the bus (which they seldom do)...this would not be the place for such an exception.

Why do I paint such a picture for you? So you can fully understand just how stupid and classless this man running for the bus was this morning. As we were pulling away, the man was running towards the bus stop and waving as if to catch the bus driver's attention that he wanted on the bus. Silly man, that trick never works...and why would the driver stop to let you on if she just left 15 other people waiting at the bus stop...or stop a giant bus in the middle of a busy street? I realize he was in a hurry and probably didn't notice the other people still waiting, but come on, think about it a little. To show his frustration, he emphatically flipped us the bird. Thanks guy. Way to follow up your stellar display of intelligence with a brilliant showing of how classy you are. Sitting in the back of the bus, I had the best view of the entire event...which lasted roughly three seconds. I saw him run out, wave both arms quickly, then extend his middle finger in anger...and I found it extremely hilarious. I know I do the same thing sometimes (vent my anger or displeasure with an unwarranted and profane hand gesture) but I couldn't help but find it comical and chuckle contently to myself that I didn't miss my bus this morning.

Stay classy Wallingford.