Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lucky me...

I've had these two scratch tickets since around Christmas time. One of the LC's in the office gave out xmas cards to everyone with a scratch ticket included. My manager, Gregg, and the SOC, Bri, both won on their tickets. On my way out to lunch Bri asked if I could run by Rite Aid or somewhere to redeem them. Sure. Turns out drug stores downtown don't sell or redeem scratch tickets to I just gave her the $3 that the tickets had won and figured I'd redeem them at some point.

Finally did that tonight. Around 10:45pm @ the nearby 7-11. No joke.

I was cleaning up my room and found them on my desk and decided to just go redeem them right then. Thought about picking up a little snack (Twizzler cherry nibs...delicious) but then decided to just redeem them for the cold hard cash. w00t for $3! While I was waiting for the guy to validate them, I saw some sweet scratch tickets for purchase. First one to catch my eye was this "wet & wild 7's" or something like that. It was $2. I like the $2 ones because it feels like you get to play more than on the $1 tickets. Then I saw this dragon one and about pooped. There is a long, and still funny, joke going with my roommate about how much he likes dragons. So clearly I had to get that one as well. Another $2 ticket. So when it was all said and done, I gave the clerk $1 and I got two $2 scratch tickets.

Waited until I got home, as always. You never scratch them where you buy them. Its bad luck. Got home and decided this dragon scratch ticket was no coincidence so I went into my roommate's room to scratch and hopefully win...and wouldn't you know it the 7's ticket won me $10 and the dragons won me jack squat. Its always fun to win on those, and anything more than what you paid for them is like....whoo hoo.

So basically this scratch ticket win helps counter the $10 I wasted on my bracket at work...stupid Drake, USC, Georgetown & Pitt.

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