Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's official and yet nothing has really changed...

I found out from my boss today that my team officially doesn't qualify for an assistant. This comes as no surprise to any of the three of us (me, Fred & Jason (father & son)), but up until this point we had not seen or heard anything to confirm what we already knew. So yes its now official but even though no "end date" has been given, I think that makes it worse. Before today we all knew, but without any official notice from the powers that be we could all keep on working like nothing was different...and as a result my imminent job loss was more distant. In reality nothing has changed, but finally getting the official word makes it so much more real and looming.

When all of the assistants heard about the review that would determine if we kept our jobs or not, we were angry but did our best to joke about it to put up a happier facade. Over the past few weeks we joked even more how the end of the month meant the end of our jobs. I do know that March 31st is not the end, but I still don't know know when that day is...and to be perfectly honest, its pissing me off something fierce.

Thankfully I have been actively seeking new employment so when my time here at the HLC ends, I will hopefully have something new to quickly transition into (boo ending a sentence with a preposition. oh 'into' a preposistion?...dangit...Natalie would know...but I don't think she'd answer her cell at work...frick). Unfortunately I don't have anything too promising lined up, and my two best leads for Boeing have fallen short of their initial promise, but I did get some helpful tips for getting passed their electronic submission process.

When you apply at Boeing you submit a resume, answer a few personal info questions, then you are "under consideration"...which basically means thanks for submitting your application, go screw yourself. No need to sugar coat anything here. You submit your stuff, then apparently it gets filtered electronically then gets passed along to a hiring manager. I'm not even sure if my applications have ever been seen by a real person, which makes it impossible to get hired. Luckily I've made contact with this guy who used to work for Boeing. He knows how the process works and how to "beef up" my resume to catch a real person's eye and then hopefully land an interview. I feel pretty confident that if I land an interview, I'll be a Boeing employee.

So those are my employment frustrations....both with how my current company is handling its decision to fire me (based solely on qualification guidelines) and how difficult it is to get passed the electronic sorting function of Boeing's application process.

...and speaking of work that's where I am right now, typing this. Ooooooooooooooooo. I know. Rebel. Suck it WaMu....or something. haHA! yea...if I was going to be here indefinitely I might start a recurring "adventures at the front desk" subdivision (what?!) to my blog, seeing as I cover the front once a week. Then again, its never all that exciting out here...that I can talk about :P

ooooooh...the plant lady is here right now tho. Flying solo today but I've seen her come with someone else. An assistant maybe...which is ridiculous because watering 12 office plants really requires at least a six person team (LOL). She shows up (probably on some regular interval but I haven't paid that much attention) to water and groom the plants. LOL. Yes, groom the plants. I thought they were all fake when I first got here but nope. By grooming I mean she picks off the dead leaves and dusts them or whatever. Makes them nice and pretty. OMG ROTFL. I can't take it seriously. She has this massive utility belt/work fanny pack thing around her waist to hold all her plant care gear. I kid you not. Spray bottles, rags, pouch for dead leaves, and whatever else she may need. Its actually funnier the more I think about it. I wonder how much she gets paid? I wonder if WaMu would pay me like $20 a week/month to water the plants as often as she does. Weak. I wonder if she costs too much so that's why I'm getting fired. Hope not...but it is WaMu so you never know...

At least my iced tea was everything I was hoping it would be.

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