Monday, February 25, 2008

You know what really grinds my gears...

...when I have this great idea for a post and then when I finally sit down to write about it I have no idea what it was supposed to be about. U. G. H.

Seriously. This weekend something happened and I was like...OMG that is so annoying & I should blog about it bc I'm sure its an irritation people can relate to. Or something like that...but no dice.

Nothing too pressing to talk about now but thought starting a post might jog my memory about that "thing" I can't remember....still nothing.


You likin' these one or two sentence paragraphs I got going? I bet you do. I mean...they're pretty sweet. Short & sweet. Or brief & boring. I'm not sure which.


I still haven't gone on my blind date. She was sick all two weeks ago and so she didn't feel like doing much of anything, let alone meet a new person. So I told her to give me a ring when she was feeling better....and its been over a week and a half now and I have yet to hear from her. Needless to say now I'm not as excited as I was before. I'm sure she was sick, but its now been over a week so I'm not sure if she's even interested anymore. Oh well. I'll probably give it one more shot.

Who has seen that Adam Sandler movie about being Chuck & Larry? Not me. It looked horrible. I like Sandler just fine, and Kevin James is pretty funny too (his stand-up is quality...especially his bit about being a bank teller), but it looked horrid...even with Jessica Biel getting felt up by Sandler while she's only wearing a bra. Meh. Well I had lunch with my friend Pomona today and she said its one of the funniest movies of all time. WHAT?! I refuse to believe this. I may watch it...if I can see it for free. Maybe. After I shared my feelings about that, she asked if I had seen Grandma's Boy and I just about lost it. If Chuck & Larry looked horrid then Grandma's Boy looks like the illegitimate bastard son of that movie. Sorry Pomo, but yes.

Speaking of movies...I've been lucky enough to see two sneak previews in the past two weeks. Be Kind Rewind is freaking awesome. Not your usual Jack Black comedy, but its quirky, fun & endearing. When I went to see it the line to get in was on the opposite corner of the movie theater entrance (the theater is located on the top floor inside a mall with several restaurants up on the same its a good sized floor with an open middle (meaning you can see down to the lower floors)). There was maybe 150 or so people in line in front of us...definitely less than 200 but more than 100. Yea. If you've been in Pacific Place before...we were standing in line over by Mexico, the (omg no way!!!) Mexican restaurant. So I thought this was a pretty wicked long line seeing as I was near the end of the line.

Well...last week I went to the Vantage Point sneak preview, and line was much longer. We managed to get someone in line closer than for Be Kind, but the rest of the line extended all the way back to the THEATRE. So roughly 60-70% longer than my first sneak preview. Granted this was a "bigger" movie but wow. Anyway...the movie sucked (hahaha!). Interesting idea for presenting the starts with six or seven different "points of view" for the same incident. So the movie begins, then gets to a certain points and does this cheezy rewind sequence thing, and starts again but from someone else's point of view. This goes on for roughly the first 50 minutes of the movie, and shows how all these different people are interconnected in the movie...well sort of. Then the last "vantage point" continues past where the rest have and after about 10 minutes, all the plot twists and unresolved conflicts in the movie are quickly explained in the next 20 minutes....then the movie is over. It was 98 minutes long...ending in some very, very horrible lines (that are supposed to be dramatic but just made the whole theater laugh) and my "favorite part"...where Forrest Whitaker's character saves a little girl from being hit by an ambulance then shortly after the child's mother comes over to hug her daughter. Pretty dramatic & brave thing for him to do. How does the mother repay him? With a soft spoken "thank you," then walks away. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!? That's all a mother would do if some stranger saved her daughter from being killed? Stupid. The movie had an interesting idea and plot, but fell far short of delivering a worthy movie. Boo big action-suspense flicks loaded with stars that don't deliver.

Sometimes I really hate how this website has a mind of its own...just now I hit enter and it jumped two or three returns down the page. WTH? It usually only happens when I save a post, then revisit it later to finish it let this be a lesson: "only start now what you can finish now, otherwise put it off until later or never do it at all." Yea...that sounds like some pretty sound advice, right? Eck. I have to share how great it is to work for WaMu home loans right now....RAR! Since I have started in August, the company has started tightening their credit & underwriting standards, to the point that loan consultants that had been here for years has never seen a market like the one that we've all be thrust into....and as a result, an unprecedented new amount regulations, policies & program terminations from within the company. So its been quite the "ride" so far. Its weird bc with so much change happening almost on a daily basis, sometimes I know more about what's going on than colleagues with 10 years experience or more. Just to show how far the company has gone to ensure they minimize their losses & maximize their profitability (regardless of what that means for its employees) here's what I can think of off the top of my head right now:

-elimination of Option ARMs & 5/1 Multipay products unless they're used for conforming limit purchaes

-elimination of the relationship discount for having wamu auto pay on jumbo, saleable loans

-restructuring of the sales associate qualification to units instead of $$$ (beyond stupid)

-large cuts in loan consultants' commissions (they are purely commission based)

-elimination, as of March 4th, of all stand alone equity transactions (this is what is causing me to think my job is in serious jeopardy bc equities were a big part of our units per month potential)

-forced equity line reductions on various, existing equity lines

-elimination of custom construction program (my team was one of maybe two or three total qualified people in the office who could do custom loans, so this was a big deal for us)

-soft market policy (basically all of the greater NW is in a 'soft market' tier B which means a 5% reduction in published LTV/CLTV guidelines, plus a max CLTV of 80%...luckily we're in tier B....tier C is 10% reduction & tier D is 20% reduction (which is many places in California, where the highest producing loan consultants work))

-as a result of soft market policy, we can no longer do 80/10/10 or 80/15/5 transactions for purchases...which puts us at huge disadvantage when talking to realtors (tho I'm not sure many people are doing 80/15/5's anymore (we haven't been for awhile now I guess) but no 80/10/10's is a big deal))

-minimum FICO score for an equity line of credit is now 660 (620, or even 600 used to qualify, but at a higher rate)

-we no longer offer new equity lines rates below the prime rate (in the past our best pricing was 0.51% below prime) the best pricing is the prime rate (6%) and only available if your credit score is 740+, CLTV is less than 65% & the loan amount is $50,000-$149,999 (ridiculous)

-we had a special discount if you were a teacher of -0.50 points, then it was changed to -0.375 but the loan consultant had to pay 0.125 of it, then it got changed to -0.25 w/o any it got halved.

-they rolled out a new loan origination system which has caused nothing but problems, evaluations errors & headaches for anyone (which in this case is everyone) who tries to board a new loan on this system.

-50/50 marketing program was terminated

-rates suck

So that's all I can think of right now off the top of my head...but I'm sure there's even some things that I've missed. They're slowly just taking away one thing at a time until we're going to have next to nothing left to sell as a home loan product. Pretty much all that's left is now fixed rate 1st mortgages & amortizing/interest only ARMs, with no equity products. Oh wait...we can still do a Mortgage Plus but those rates are even worse.

That's why I logged back into Boeing's website yesterday to apply for some jobs. They pay well. They'd pay for me to go back to school. And they're not affected by this housing market crisis that has infiltrated our once happy-go-lucky office. Even when I got here in August this place was lively, and even more so before when all was good. could hear a pin drop on some days bc it gets that quiet & somber. Now the only laughs you hear are when people make jokes about how bad things have gotten, and how this most recent cutback or policy isn't as bad as the when they eliminate the next program or the HLC as a whole. That's human nature to joke about things when they start getting tough, or morale is down....but the sad reality of it all is that our jokes about what's next might actually happen...even as ludicrous as they sound. I mean, all our joking around in the past wasn't too far off from where we find ourselves today, which is eerie. All I know is that I'm not banking on this job being here for 2009....and maybe not even when my birthday rolls around in June. Yikes.

Looks like its time to dust off that old resume and start applying for new jobs like crazy....bc as much as I would love to stick it out &/or go down with the "ship," I can't let it get that far w/o having an ace or two up my sleeve. Maybe I'm just projecting the worst, or being too pessimistic but when it comes to job security & maintaining the way of life you're accustomed to....better Safe (with a capital S mind you...) than sorry.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Did not see THAT happening...

Who knew so many players would change jerseys at the last minute? Not me...then again I'm not an "expert." There were some pretty substantial players & pieces moved around at the tail end of the trade deadline so all my ranting and predicting from yesterday really needs some tweaking...and its far too soon to even attempt to do so. In the short time since the trade deadline has come & passed, very few things are clear and/or certain...but these are most certainly true:

-The Sonics, who I've pretty much sworn off as a professional basketball team, scored more draft picks. Now they're up to something like 13 picks in the next three years, with six of those coming in the first round....four to six anyway. That's huge. They parted ways with the two old men on the team (Wally & Kurt Thomas) and are ripe for change....for rebuilding around a mega-superstar in Durant...and for bringing in loads of young talent & shaping it into a contender. At least that's my opinion....too bad for us here in Seattle that this will all happen in Oklahoma City. Bastards. In three years, the Sonics are gonna be good. Real good.

-Apparently LeBron is happy. Seeing as I don't have his cell phone number...I can't call and confirm this but that's what I'm hearing/reading. Cavs traded away younger players who didn't quite fit in the system and/or underachieved (Hughes & Gooden) and get some seasoned vets (Smith & Wally) & a former All-Star with championship experience (Wallace). Are these the missing pieces? Are the Cavs now up there with Detroit & Boston? Will LeBron stay happy? Too early to tell...but at first glance it looks like an upgrade for a team that needed a lift.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

NBA experts bother me like...

...underwear fresh out of the dryer that feels nice & warm at first until you realize they're not completely dry.

...people who get pissed off at other drivers and start honking their horn, when they're trying to drive while talking on the phone, drinking coffee, smoking & putting on make-up.

...those times when you're a customer at a retail store, starbucks, the bank, wherever and an employee holds up their finger and asks you to wait while they finish up a personal side conversation with a co-worker or their cell phone conversation with their boy/girlfriend.

If you didn't have a reaction to any of those three situations, then bless your heart you're living the good life and I'm completely jealous. On the other hand, if you read those and threw your arms in the air in disgust (bc you can totally relate) or if you simply have experienced those situations...then you understand my pain...err..."pain."

I was just reading this article about the NBA's Western Conference and am currently at the point to where I don't want to hear anymore speculation or predictions. ever. again. seriously. There have been several trades involving marquee players, and apparently this gives NBA "experts" the authority to start spewing verbal vomit on why this time will win or that team won't win. Of the three marquee players, two of them have only played a single game (and from the tone of the article it was written before they each played their first game last night) and the other has only played eight games for his new team (tho the team is 7-1 since his arrival)...even so, there has only been a limited number of games played by these new additions so I think everyone needs to just sit down and shut up.

Now I don't want to mislead you. I love basketball. I enjoy watching the NBA, and this postseason could very well be the most entertaining professional basketball of the past 25 years (my lifetime :D). I don't love basketball as much as the Cubs & MLB, but I still enjoy it a great deal & follow it (it being the general ebb & flow of the NBA season, including trades, MVP candidates, team & individual stats, etc.) pretty much every year. I'm even ok with making preseason predictions, and commentators giving their opinion when asked who will win it all, or come of the West/East (bc generally its their opinion & stated as such). What I can't stand is when this ESPN analysts write up 30-50 words on why this team or that team will win it all, but do so in a manner that is less their opinion and more of an absolute certainty.

I won't have any of that. As an educated fan on the NBA, don't lay your "absolute truths" on me like I don't have a clue...or expect me to accept it as such. False. Not gonna happen. No way. Never. Nunca jamas. Yes I speak some Spanish. I do think the West is loaded with championship caliber teams. I do think the 8th seed in the West (whoever that ends up being) is probably the 3rd best team in the East. I do think a team from the West will be (this is for you Polar Bear) World Champions this year. I do think home court advantage is a huge edge in any playoff round, but especially the deeper your postseason run goes. I do think Pau Gasol's trade to the Lakers was the best of the big trades bc they got so much for so little. I do think Paul Allen is a royal jack*** and should front the dough for a new arena & not make the people pay for it (oh wait...that's a completely different tangent for another time). I do think the Warriors will probably be that 9th team in the West who, despite playing better than .600 ball, will miss the playoffs. I do think Shaq has more left in the tank than most people seem to believe. I do think the Hawks will squeek in as the 8th seed in the East...and will then be first round fodder for the Celtics. I do think that a healthy Lakers team will be hard to beat in the playoffs. I do think that while the West as a whole is far superior to the East, the Eastern conference champ will not be overmatched in the Finals...and will actually have a pretty decent chance to win it all.

See how I did that withouth telling you what to think or putting on my Karnak hat and predicting that which I cannot see? Its pretty easy...and not obnoxious...or at least not obnoxious in that I don't tell you what to think bc I'm an "expert." I realize its professional sports, which is full or arrogance, so much so that appears to be overflowing into the sports media. NFL "experts" from ESPN did about average this year, most of them hovering around the same percentage as you'd get from always picking the home team. And all but two picked worse than following this simple formula (submitted by readers): Better record wins unless records are equal, then home team wins. I mean hell...if you would've always picked the Pats to win and the Dolphins to lose, you would've won 96.67% of the time (16 wins for the Pats, 15 losses for the Fins = 31/32 games....but they play each other twice so you can't win double (for a Pats win & a Fins loss) 29/30). And after about three weeks those two picks were pretty obvious. So yes I'm talking NFL now....but it helps me make my point: "experts" don't know everything so they need to shut up. Who picked the Giants to win the Super Bowl before the season? Halfway through the season? At the start of the playoffs? Once they'd made it to the Super Bowl? Further illustration that "experts" don't know jack. about more of what I think?...or rather what I don't think will happen in the NBA the rest of this year? Yea? Jeah? Yes.

I don't think the Suns will win an NBA title this year. Sorry Shaq. I also don't think they're worse off with Shaq than they were with Marion. Why is everyone underestimating Shaq's intabgibles? having four championships (and the experience that comes with winning each of those), his veteran presence in the locker room, what his mentoring will mean for Amare, and what his presence on the court will do for Amare & any of the guards lined up behind the 3-point line. I don't think people are giving Steve Kerr & the Suns enough credit for making this trade...its a gamble (especially after the Lakers got Gasol for next to nothing therefore risking nothing) but they weren't winning titles with the status quo so they made a change. I don't think its fair to judge Shaq, the Suns, or their chances of winning a title this year after (or in that article's case...before) Shaq plays his first game with the Suns. I don't think the Spurs, Nuggets, Rockets, or Hornets will win it all this year. I don't think anyone other than the Celtics or Pistons have a chance to win it all coming from the East. I don't even think the Pistions have a realistic shot either. I don't. In a seven game series I don't think they can stop KG/Ray Ray/Paul Pierce from winning four games, especially if the Pistons don't have home court advantage. I don't think they will. I don't think Kobe should have surgery on his pinky....too many things are left up in the air which could mean they miss the playoffs or get a low seed. I don't think the Hornets can keep it up (and stay the #1 seed in the West). I don't think the Mavs can beat the Lakers in the playoffs. I don't think the Mavs can stop the Jazz in the playoffs. I don't think the Jazz have that one player who's going to take over in a game 7 or series-clinching game and get them to the next round/an NBA title. Therefore (if healthy...and that's a big IF) the Lakers are healthy, I don't think anyone can stop them, or Kobe, from winning it all this year. I don't think we've seen Dwight Howard reach his full potential either (wow...that's a scary thought).

So there's what I think and don't think will happen for the remainder of the year in the NBA. Here's my predictions on the seeding & winners in the playoffs, as well as some of the postseason accolade winners.

West: Lakers, Jazz & Mavs win their respective divisions.

(1) Lakers over (8) Nuggets
(2) Jazz over (7) Rockets
(3) Mavs over (6) Hornets
(4) Suns over (5) Spurs

(1) Lakers over (4) Suns
(2) Jazz over (3) Mavs

(1) Lakers over (2) Jazz

East: Celtics, Pistions & Magic win their respective divisions.

(1) Celtics over (8) Hawks
(2) Pistons over (7) Wizards
(3) Magic over (6) Nets
(4) Raptors over (5) Cavs

(1) Celtics over (4) Raptors
(2) Pistons over (3) Magic

(1) Celtics over (2) Pistons

(1) Lakers over (1) Celtics

Now rarely do the top seeded teams always win, or make it to the Finals together. I doubt the Lakers will even be the top seed but they way they're playing right now, compared to the rest of the West...its hard to pick against them. And when Bynum gets back....damn. My only real upset is the Raptors squeeking out the 4 seed in the East. I think Bosh is finally playing with uber loads of confidence and has some decent players around him. Plus its the East so 8 games over .500 should probably get you home court advantage. If I'm even close to right...that would be amazing....but I'd settle for being half right and getting to see some amazing matchups and even better play. Only time will tell...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Payday Haiku

Electronic funds.
Paychecks no longer needed.
Show me the money.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Haiku

Hallmark holiday.
Forced love: cards, candy, roses.
Be my valentine?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Haikus are so freaking awesome...

...that I think I might pee my pants. But still. They're pretty friggen' rad. I think I'm going to post dilay haikus either with other posts, or as stand alones if nothing else inspires me to blog. Seeing as I'm at work right now & monumentally bored (for the first time in several weeks) I think its time for a here goes.

Out of control stoked.
Mos Def a sweet sneak preview.
Jack Black is so tight.

Can you guess what movie I get to see two days before its nationwide release date?!?! Its going to probably be the best thing ever...seriously.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A myriad of things...

I wish I had a smart phone so I could blog more readily when the urge (and/or that moment of brilliance) happens. Seriously. Like the other day when I was riding in the front seat of my roommate's car (while he was driving)...we were waiting to make a right hand turn and there was a guy in a little truck in front of us...part way into the intersection...waiting to make a left hand turn onto the street we were on...but heading in the opposite direction. A few things here: this was an unprotected turn (so no arrow @ this light), he had a person in front of him & he was attempting to turn across a very busy road in Seattle (Aurora Ave).

So while he was waiting to turn he decided to play his GUITAR. Yep. I sh!t you not. He was playing his guitar...while sitting in the driver's seat of his truck...waiting to make a left hand turn...and had both hands on the guitar. We were both like...WHAT!? Then when the moment came for him to turn...he started turning, while still holding on to the guitar with both hands...then at the last moment took one hand off to grab the steering wheel while still holding on to his guitar with the other hand. It was miraculous, and unexpected, and ridiculous & stupid (bc he was playing a freaking guitar while driving a vehicle)...but very awesome.

On Monday night (I believe...) there were two college basketball games that ended in rare fashion...will plenty of controversy and flabbergasted coaches. One game (men's) involved the Hoyas of Georgetown University & the Villanova Wildcats...while the other contest (women's) pitted the Lady Volunteers of Tennessee against the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers.

The men's game was tied with under a second left (0.01 seconds to be exact) when a foul was called against the Wildcatds, thus putting the Hoyas on the foul line with a chance to win the game. The Georgetown player made both free throws, which won the game for the Hoyas. Generally I'm a fan of letting the players decide the game, and therefore "swallowing" your whistle at the end of the game in order for this to happen (unless there's some egregious foul that would demand a foul be called). In this case however, no egregious foul was committed but I believe the referee made the right call by calling a foul. The 'Nova player did bump the Hoya player (so contact did happen...but not too much). the final seconds of a game with the score tied and your opponent has the ball 80 feet from his own basket....there is no reason to be within a country mile of that player.

So I blame the 'Nova player for putting himself, and as a result the referee, in the position to make a foul call possible. He did bump him, and if it weren't the end of the one would have ever questioned the call. So get off the referee's back (the Big East officials' office/chairperson/head of all Big East officials said so...he said the referee was correct in calling a foul there...he was forced to make a decision and he made one) because he's not the one who deserves the blame here.

The Lady Vols were down by one point in the final seconds of the game...when it appeared as though there was an issue with the game clock...or the foul being called after the horn (signaling the end of the game) sounded. Don't know all the facts here...sorry. Well in this case it was a blatant foul. The Rutgers played pulled the Lady Vols player to the ground by the back of her jersey. Egregious. Was the game "technically" over? I don't know...but the referee was again forced to make a call. The call was a foul that put the Lady Vols at the free throw line with 0.2 seconds remaining and her team down by a single point. If she makes both...her team wins...if she makes one...overtime...if she misses both then Rutgers wins. So what does she do?!?! She sinks both free throws like it was nothing. BAM! Game over. Tennessee wins. Rutgers loses.

Moral of this game: don't grab your opponent by the back of her jersey and throw her to the ground....duh. Again I don't blame the official, but the fouler (as opposed to the foulee) for putting herself in that position. Next thing you know the UNITED STATES CONGRESS is going to be ruling on whether or not games were fairly and/or properly officiated. I'm nauseous at the thought. Stupid MLB (OMG why am I saying this I love basebal...why?...because this has gotten out of hand) & the NFL for taking Roger Clemens' possible steroids use & the Pats "Spygate" (repsectively...Clemens = MLB, Pats "Spygate" = NFL) for involving the US Congress. They have better things to do...yes I said that. I love sports but using Congress to purify the game and/or prosecute those who may have compromised the integrity of the game is just ludicrous. Ludacris?!

On a lighter, better note...I enjoy really good up and coming local band Barcelona. I started following them bc I went to college with the lead singer...but I still follow them bc of how talented they are. Check them out.... or

I also just bought Amy Winehouse's new album. While I think she is completely off her rocker (either bc of all the drugs, or bc of the guy she's married to/dating or both) crazy insane nuts (meh on punctuation there)...she seems to be quite talented musically so I figured I would give the recent mutli-Grammy winner a shot.

I swore I had something else but I guess not...oh!...I did stumble across this blog today and found it genius...seriously. Blogging in haikus about the random 'ish' in your pocket is so creative and 18 different kids of awesome....I only wish I could come up with an idea that awesome. Maybe someday I will...for now I will end with a haiku of my own...about my day.

MTR Haiku (v 1.0)

Malibu transport.
Piasecki docs vanished!
Taco Bell dinner.

Friday, February 8, 2008

On a more serious note...

To all my loyal readers....I apologize but this post will have little to no humor you are all accustomed to seeing in my posts. I promise to resume the standard hilarity in my next posts and I really hope to get that last part of Vegas posted but...what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so...hahaha. I kid. Its coming...soon...hopefully...yea.

So its Friday night and I've been sitting at home....alone....for the past three and a half hours or so. Now I'm not looking for sympathy or pity here....its just a strange feeling that I've been lucky enough to avoid since moving down to Seattle almost two years ago. I also stayed home from work the past two days...didn't feel too great (and pretty sure I staved ( that even a word) off the potential cold so it was worth it) maybe that's why it felt even stranger to be alone tonight...since I was alone for several hours over the past two days. I really can't say for sure...but its a rather foreign feeling for now.

For the past two (well almost two) years...I've always had roommates to keep me company, accompany me out to the bars/dinner/the movies/whatever and generally keep me entertained. Well tonight was different. I did meet up with my roommate for a late lunch, and then for some drinks after work with he & The Jordo....and yes I'm still sober (woo hoo self!). Well Dan had plans to meet up with some people in Queen Anne to play Rock Band but he was far too drunk to drive anywhere...lucky for him he's got a D.D. for the entire year. So I dropped him off, and thought about staying...but was tired from a long day at work and just felt like relaxing at home...or at least doing something more chill than ROCK BAND....tho that is I've posted about before.

So after dropping off my roommate I decided to call up a few people and see if they wanted to just chill or do something low key. Nobody answered. It happens. So I just headed home to chill by myself...and it did sound kind of nice. Little did I know how weird it was going to feel. Seriously. I guess I'd forgotten how long it had been since I was all alone...with my place to myself. And while I do occasionally enjoy having time to myself....I didn't realize just how much I enjoy being around people....especially my friends. I guess I'm more extroverted than I realized...I get my energy by being around other people. What I realized most how much my friends mean to me and how much I enjoy being around them. So in that regard...seeing as I'm rarely alone...I'm rather blessed to have such great friends that I get to see so often...and I think I've been taking that for granted more than I thought.

It also got me thinking about my family and how much they mean to me. I know plenty of people who don't get to see their family much....or may not have a very large family....or may not know they're family at all....let alone get to see them. And believe me, my relationship with my family is far from perfect or ideal....I deserve no accolades or awards for how I've treated them or shown them how much they mean to me....but then again nobody's family is perfect....we love our families bc they're all we have...bc they are imperfect...bc that's where you learn what true, unconditional love least that's my opinion on the matter.

Lately I've had the chance to see them more, or talk to them, or communicate in some way and its been really enjoyable....but at the same time the more you see your family (at least with my family and probably with most) the more you argue for no good reason. Like the other day I was talking with my mom on the phone about helping her sell her furniture on Craigslist so she can make room for the new furniture she's (hopefully still) getting. I was totally cool with helping her, but I needed some information and input from pics, selling prices, etc. After a few minutes we both snapped at each other over something stupid. She was asking me about fair "market price" for the furniture and I was trying to tell her that she needed to decide on what she thought was a fair price bc it was her stuff. I made some sly or unapologetic remark about it and then she countered with a "well I can tell I'm just bothering you so I'll let you go..." or something to that effect....which is so typically me and my mom.

I've been talking to her more lately bc we were going to refinance her mortgages at my work, and then I was going to help her pick out some new furniture that she really needs bc the stuff she has is pretty worn down. Just like with the furniture, the mortgage refi ended up not going to smoothly and we got into a little argument about it. Now while we're fighting and arguing over stupid happens bc we're both stubborn and don't want to make a decision for the other or let the other make a decision for them...or something...and I think that happens bc we both love each other unconditionally and don't want to see the other one (or in this case...I don't want to see my mom) lose out or make the wrong decision. I know I've had more opportunity than she had growing up, and so I don't want to let her down in any way...or not allow her to let herself down...or I don't know. I just love my mom.

And then there's my siblings who I'm constantly fighting with or antagonizing. I've just resigned myself to that fact that we're always going to give each other crap and until we're all adults (they're still only 19 & 21) and realize that our petty fighting is pointless...and that while we'll always give each other a hard time...its only bc we love each other and know we're only giving the other a hard time bc we love them so much. I know I'm hard on my little brother. I get on his case and give him more than his fair share of brotherly crap...and even though I'm aware of continues...but at the same time I can't think of anyone I love more than my little brother. Not to say I love any one of my family members more than the other...but there's a unique bond between brothers (and sisters for that matter but I'm not a girl so it doesn't apply to my sister and I) that can't matched by any other relationship except maybe for a best friend from early early childhood that stays with you throughout your least into the good part of your adult life (again this would be a boy/boy or girl/girl friendship). So my brother and I have a special bond, and I love him dearly, but it doesn't mean I love my sister any less (even though she's a mega super brat :P).

And then there's my dad...who's always been there to bail us out or helps us out when we got ourselves into a jam. Now Mom helped out tremendously with school projects and papers and more scholastic matters...but Dad's always been there when our cars broke down, or when we got our first speeding tickets, or when we just flat ran our of money and were too stubborn to move home from Spokane. Then he's also been like one of the guys. I remember on several occasions when Dad wasn't so much Dad as just another one of the guys hanging out...playing Mario (well watching), or rooting on the Hawks, or drinking beer while camping or even doing shots of Sambuca (sp?) with your college roommates. My Dad is just tight. Plain and simple. And also a large reason why I have such a love for sports....thanks Dad.

So I'm blessed with a wonderful (and ever present) family as well as great friends (both near and far). And always go on and on about how I never let them know this is my humble attempt at showing how much I care. Its weird...for people that are so close to you...sometimes those are the hardest people to tell how you truly feel about them. Lucky for me I have this little outlet (which I know my mom (or my sister reads it and tells my mom about it) reads) which makes things like this easier...not that it should be hard...but I guess this way its easier not to get super emotional or you don't have to worry about finding the right time to spring the whole "I love you guys so much" feeling-fest on them. I dont I'm just I should probably be done.

As a parallel to this post tho...I have been watching Garden State...and as I've been typing this and watching this at the same time...I've realized just how strong my sentiment in this post is echoed in this movie. Its such a good movie too. A little rough on the edges (what with its choice language and drug use) but its a powerful movie, and so beautifully written, acted & visually put together. So I challenge those of you reading to do this, at the very least: watch Garden State and not hate it...and/or tell the people in your life who matter to you...that they matter to you...and/or strengthen/establish a stronger relationship with your family. The last two are probably more relevant and important in the larger scale of life...but I believe that even just watching this movie can move a person, or at least stir up feelings within you that you might not have known existed or had forgotten about...and that doesn't happen all too often with a movie (plus Natalie Portman is in this movie and if you know me then you know how much I freaking love her...and she doesn't disappoint in her role in this that's a reason to watch it too).

So whether you take my advice, or don't, know that this much is true (and yes I stole this direct out of the movie but I truly believe it)...

"Yea you're all're alive."

...and the spell checker isn't working anymore so I apologize for any typos :/

Monday, February 4, 2008

My favorite new word

Bitch assness...ok maybe that's two words. I'm sitting here watching Making the Band and P. Diddy just called out one of the members of his new male r&b/pop group and told him he has some "bitch assness" in him...and how that's a contagious sickness. LOL. What!?!? Then the rest of the band kept calling him salty bc he was all irritated/pissed that they were calling him out. I don't understand...but I find this show, like many other reality shows, so fascinating bc its an insight into a world I would otherwise never know. Lately I've also enjoyed Celebrity Rehab...which is a dark and real insight into the other side of celebrity status...the excess fat of their riches and fame...the kind of stuff the general public either doesn't know about...or chooses to ignore.

I also love all the MTV real world/road rules challenges. I know they're awful but its entertaining.

Yea. Its bedtime.

Just a quickie

Not that kind. You dirty minded readers. Tsk tsk.

In a previous entry I explained how my own mother found me a blind date. I guess that kind of sounds bad...that my mom has to find me dates...or does find me dates. Whatever the case is...meh.

Last night tho, I finally got around to calling her. I had been busy, but not so busy that I couldn't have called sooner. It happens. Luckily I hadn't shut the door that has partially been opened. I wasn't able to get her on the phone, but instead got her voicemail (and if its possible to tell if someone is cute based on how their voice sounds on their voicemail...then she's really cute). Left her this bumbling message about who I was and why I was calling. It had to be one of the more awkward moments in my life...I kid you not. As the phone was ringing I was secretly hoping she wouldn't answer so I could leave a message and then the ball would be back in her court...then it did go to voicemail and I had no idea what I was going to say. Damn. Apparently my mother informed her of my coversational retardation when it comes to talking on the phone, so maybe my message was about what she expected. Who knows? Mo knows!...oh wait...I don't.

I called her from my landline bc my cell gets spotty service at my place. I decided after I called to send her a text message, giving her my cell # again just in case my previous voicemail came out as gibberish?...jibberish?...garbledness. I thought what followed via text messaging was quite fun & entertaining so here's the text transcript (her name removed to preserve anonymity):

(9:42pm, Sunday) Me: This is matt moore. This is my cell number and my home number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. I get terrible cell reception at home. Hope to hear from you soon.

(9:47pm) Her: Mi Matt :-) just got your message and hope you get this. Is it ok if I give you a call tomorrow? Not sure what your work hours are. I'm heading to bed in a few. Let me know :-)

(9:50pm) Me: I work 8:30 to 5:00. You can call me @ work if you want but its a crapshoot if i'll be able to answer. What hours do you work and what does your week look like?

(9:52pm) Her: I work Tuesday through Friday, average hours something like 11 to 6 or 7. Depends on how many patients I have. I coach soccer Mondays and Wednesdays and the other days are pretty open after work

(10:17pm...that last one from her didn't receive until I said...bad reception at home) Me: Ok. Well give me a call tomorrow when you get a chance and we can figure something out :)

(10:18pm) Her: Ok, sounds good. Have a great night and don't work too hard tomorrow:-)

(10:19pm) Me: Ha ha. Well if i dont work hard the job might not be there anymore so i gotta kick ass. Try not to do too much on your day off :p

(10:20) Her: Never do. Errands and other stuff including fascinating paperwork :-) have a great night

(10:23pm...I broke the lightning fast texting chain...noooooooooo!) Me: Sounds exciting. I thought u were going to bed? I dont want to make u too tired for that exciting paper work. Good night. I look forward 2 talking 2 u tomorrow. (the 2's and u's were to make it all fit in one msg)

(10:24pm) Her: Same here :-) night

So there that is. I have to say I've been frantically checking my phone all day to make sure I haven't missed her call...or at least haven't let a message sit there all day w/o responding...but nothing yet. I'm super excited tho...I just hope I can deliver a killer date :)

(ps> this post is dedicated to my friend Diane bc she was on my case about making this phone call before it was too late....and bc this is how she keeps up with my life now :P)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A super treat on Super Bowl Sunday

Never before in my lifetime (or at least as far back as I can remember sports) has a single game been more one least supposedly. The New England Patriots went undefeated in the regular season and often were blowing out teams by over 30 points. They scored somewhere around 589 points this NFL record. Their QB, Tom Brady, threw more touchdown passes this season than anyone QB has ever before (50). This, in part, was helped by acquiring one of the greatest WRs ever in the off-season, Randy Moss. How much did he help? I'd say quite a lot...seeing as Moss set a record for most receiving touchdowns in a season (23). There were other offensive records that were set, and some games weren't blowouts (and were almost lost) but their season was magical.
I also despise the Patriots. I think several of their players play dirty and are too arrogant. Their coach is so smug and arrogant....I can't stand him either. So imagine my surprise when the Super Bowl rolls around, (and no surprise here...the Pats are in the Super Bowl) and I'm rooting for the Patriots to blow out the New York Giants. Seriously. What's wrong with me? Well...I'm greedy. I wanted the Patriots to blow out the Giants (and their QB Eli Manning (yep...Peyton's little brother)) so that I wouldn't have to hear about Eli being the next big thing in football for the next 800 years.

Shame on me.

So the Super Bowl was supposed to be one final step for the Patriots to complete an undefeated season, but it turned out to be an amazing game. I didn't like one of the teams, and didn't want the other to win because I didn't want all the media hype Eli was going to attract by winning...and yet it was an extremely entertaining game. So after watching the game, and watching the Giants play phenomenally well, I realized that I shouldn't have been rooting for the Patriots...because they represent all that is bad in football....maybe not everything that is bad (bc not everyone on the team is bad)...but for the most part they're no good. The Giants on the other hand were the Cinderella story of this postseason...a wild card team who (during the regular season) looked great at times, and terrible at others...but still managed to win 10 straight road games, including the playoffs (an NFL record).

So my point in all this is that the Patriots were supposed to win. They already beat the Giants this season (in the last game of the year) and no one really gave the G-men a chance...including me. Well when do things ever go the way they're "supposed" to? Rarely.

The Giants came out and played tremendous football. The took the opening drive down and scored, only a field goal, but mentally that had to be huge for them to score on their first possession. The defense played out of their minds all game, even though they gave up a touchdown on the Patriots first possession. Every analyst and sports pundit out there said the key to this game was the Giants front seven getting pressure on Tom Brady (and based on their performance in week 17 against the Pats....this did not look possible). Oh wow how things can change in such a short time. Never at any points this season did I see Tom Brady get pressured, hit and sacked so many times. I don't know what the final numbers but they were in his face the whole game and it was AWESOME! As the game was going on, I felt myself rooting more and more for the Giants, even though I initially (and quite publicly) made it clear I wanted them to get blown out....but they were playing so well (and keeping the record setting Pats offense in check) that it was hard not to.

If you watched the game, you know how amazing it was...whether you were a Giants fan, a Pats fan, or neither but watched the game bc its the Super Bowl. Well my friends and I who were watching the game at my place all fell into that last category. Most of us are Seahawks fans, with a few Broncos fans. I say this bc I have never seen so many neutral/non-fans of the teams in the Super Bowl get behind one of the teams so fully. Every time the Giants did well, the whole room was cheering, and every time the Pats did something well, the room got upset. It was quite a spectacle. I never got into this though, bc I was still selfishly hoping for a blow out.
The best moment (and even I was in awe) was on the Giants final drive. There was less than a minute left and the Giants needed to score a touchdown to pull ahead bc they were down by four points. I believe it was third down, but I'm not sure...Eli dropped back for a pass and was under heavy pressure quickly. Several Patriots were all up on him and a few even had a hand on him. Somehow Eli ducked and spun away from the pressure. Unreal. He should've been dropped for a sack (and that would've severely ruined their chances to get in the endzone). Ok so he avoids the sack somehow and I'm thinking he's just going to throw the ball away or run for a few yards and that would be that. Nope. Eli collects himself...looks down field and throws a bullet to a WR about 25-30 yards down field who's been covered quite well.
Somehow the WR out jumps the defender and catches the ball at the apex of his jump. As he's coming down the defender manages to dislodge the ball but even more impressive...the WR is able to secure the ball (with only one hand!) to his helmet, then as he's falling hold onto the ball with both hands. It was an amazing play by both Eli and the WR. As Eli managed to escape, the room was freaking out but when the WR actually caught the pass...OMG! It was almost as if everyone in the room (except for me still bc now I was in awe of everyone else...and this play!) jumped out of their seat at the same time and cheered loudly. It was a lot of fun to watch.

By the end of the game I had changed my tune. I was extremely happy the Giants won, and they deserved it after the game they played. Even though a Patriots victory would've ultimately been better for the sports that its what everyone thought would happen and a blow out would've made their undefeated season forgettable (yes I think it would have...bc its what everyone expected, so after a month of "OMG THEY WENT UNDEFEATED" it would've died out and that would've been that) instead of Eli's face being everywhere and being touted as the next big, tough under pressure QB. Oh well. He deserves all the attention he gets from here on out. After an up and down season, he turned that "imaginary" corner and has shown a very high level of poise and good decision making. I wasn't ready to accept this new Eli quite yet...tho winning three playoff games on the road is impressive...he didn't play all that well...he just didn't make mistakes. Well in the Super Bowl he finally did throw a pick (first one all post season) but he played phenomenally. Even with the mistake, he still showed poise, made good decisions under pressure, and that final drive down the field for the winning touchdown was the stuff of greatness.

So congrats to the Giants on a well earned victory. I'm not sure if this new Eli is here to stay, or if he's ever going to be on the same level as his big brother, but he took a huge step forward in this game, and I'm now excited to watch him mature even more and hopefully continue his great play...bc its always fun to see hyped players find their niche and perform at a high level...I only hope that he doesn't beat my Hawks in the process :)