Friday, March 28, 2008

Bus girl...

I have a crush on this girl who rides the 358 and is often on the same bus as I am, both heading to and from downtown. I know very little about her, but the few things I know...I like. A lot.

Here is what I know to be true about her:
-she had long dirty (some brown) blonde hair
-she's roughly 5'6"/5'7"
-extremely cute
-well dressed
-march madness fan (heard her talking to a friend on the bus about a march madness party so I know she at least appreciates it if she doesn't actually like it)
-incredibly sexy voice...slightly rough and deeper than a normal woman's voice (omg so hot!)
-she likes a band called The Format, which is a band the average person has never heard of because they're not played on the radio at all...and I like them a lot so I was like whoa! when I glanced over one day on the bus to see she was listening to The Format on her i-pod
-great booty (can I say that without sounding sleazy?...well I don't care because its true and I'm not even an "ass man" so now you know it really has to be fantastic)

Unfortunately I don't know some important things: her name, how old she is (mid 20s I think), where she works, if she's single & where she works/what she does.

I bring her up because I was having a slow moving, sleepy morning but when I got off the bus at my stop downtown she was getting off too...better morning!!! (bus was so full by the time we got to her stop that I couldn't see the front of the bus where she was) I decided to follow her to see where she worked, and perhaps use that to start a conversation (oh yes, p.s. I've never talked to her). Now it's not creepy bc she was walking on a route that took me directly to work. She ended up ducking into the Tully's a block down from work, so that didn't go as planned...but I know she likes Tully's over Starbucks.

So I have a crush on bus girl. That's her name right now because I don't know her real name, which I'm guessing is something slightly uncommon but not Marissa or...ok so that's my only guess. She's way too good looking to be single (especially if she likes college basketball) and totally out of my league, but even if that is the case, its still fun to have a little crush that makes my mornings brighter.

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