Monday, November 10, 2008

Another new week, another new...

I've got so many different ideas and thoughts tumbling around in my head but nothing is completely formed or solidified. Think of it as a freshly cleaned, but still damp and jumbled mess, of clothes thrown into the dryer. Everything is there, and will eventually come out as its own, single item...but for now they're all just caught in the tumble dry cycle. I wonder what the cranial metaphor for a dryer sheet would be?

New week, new blog but not much new here...well mostly. Still unemployed. The "in" I thought I had with WaMu has apparently vanished before it ever really went anywhere. I still need to find a new place to live, though the roommate has moved least effectively. He has stuff here still, but his new place is fully functional and more home (for him) than our place is. Last night was the first night he spent at this new place. He's not slept here numerous times, but last night was different because he really doesn't live here anymore. It was weird. Always is when its my first night alone, like when he went to Europe...that it was 3am and freezing cold. I'll adjust, just like I did before, and enjoy the place to myself, but it will be weird adjusting. I've lived with the guy for over 2.5 years. The end of an era...or at least a quarter of a decade.

I have plenty more things I could just unload in the ol' blog here but I don't think those things are quite "dry" enough yet to pull out of the dryer. Usually if I let things tumble around long enough they seem to work themselves out just fine, or are ripe enough for sharing. In these next few days I hope to get up some more entries about a new CD I just bought and absolutely love, a rant-type post about things that "grind my gears" and hopefully some promising leads on a job or a new place to live.