Monday, June 30, 2008

good stuff coming soon


i know its been awhile since i've posted. i got some grief for this recently. i'm aware. i have started an entry on my trip to NYC that i hope to finish soon. i've been busy and/or hurt and/or its been too hot to do anything except sit in front of a fan. but i promise by week's end my NYC post will be up and maybe some other stuff too. maybe even Vegas pt. 3...which would just be amazing considering that's pushing six months now since i was there last.


in the meantime here's a quick update: i joined a kickball league/team and our first game was this last sunday. had a blast but possibly pulled my right hamstring. it sucks. hard. its freaking ridiculously too hot right now. i'm a seattle area lifer so anything above 75 is too hot. above 85 is just mean. mean mean seattle weather. i mean i like it nice, but i also like to be able to enjoy it. damn sun. also i just finished my 6th punch card at prost! for anyone who cares/knows what that means.

ok time to pop some advil, ice up the hammy and go to bed. work tomorrow (but took today off to tend to the hammy and friday is the 4th of july so three day work week!!!).

jeah. go cubbies.

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Kritta22 said...

Way to go on the kick ball team!! How cool is that!?!