Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cough cough cough...blar

So my roommate has this lingering cough that likes to surface, make him cough the most wretched sounding cough of all time, then get kind of better, then almost leave but not really, then come back as wretched as coughs past. All the while I keep telling "stop dying" every time his body keels over in a fit of said wretched coughing. Wretched is a fun word, but I digress. So about a week ago now, maybe, his tos de la muerte infected my perfectly innocent throat with its sickness. For the past several days I've been walking around hacking up all my inner organs while my roommate just kind of makes this snickery grin at me (wanting to tell me "stop dying" but I always tell him to shut it before he says the actual words...but oh how he wants to say them). I woke up this morning feeling the worst I have since I was infected (don't you love how this sounds like a horror movie with all the "infect" word uses...yea...awesome) so I stayed home from work to try and rest, drink lots of fluid, and hopefully get better. After a few horrid sneezing/coughing tirades this morning, I am feeling better...tho that could be because I just took a wonderful 45 minute nap while watching Newsies.

Being sick wasn't really all that blog-worthy, but an old high school friend left a comment on my pants fiasco post and I found this little survey on her blog so here goes:

3 Joys

-How I Met Your Mother: This show is freaking hilarious. Very funny, clever and can always cheer me up when I'm down...and it has NPH so that's a whole other dimension of awesome.

-my friends: Lately I've had many moments with friends, both old and new, where they make me smile. I love that. Whether its an unexpected gesture, some reassuring words, a hug, a bier, or just a much overdue phone call, I have some great friends and I appreciate them dearly.

-Costco runs at work: Ok so this has only ever happened twice, and once (yesterday) it caused my pants to split open, but other than that its been fun both times. Gets me out of the office for at least 90 minutes, gets me a hot dog or a surprisingly tasty chicken caeser salad, and a chance to wonder around Costco, which is always fun. Except for the long lines at the pump, and the register, going to Costco is always fun for me...I just love me some wholesale shopping I guess.

3 Fears

-Failing: I know nobody likes to lose, or fail, but for me it might be my ultimate fear. Not just failing, like oh you lose Monopoly for the 8th straight time, more like failing in life. Like everything I've worked for or accomplished will all come to some horrible crashing end for some unknown reason...or due to some terrible decision(s) I make down the road. I think this lends to why I'm so ├╝ber competitive. I think this bigger fear has grown out of my past fear of being alone, or rather ending up alone. Some quiet time to myself is nice once in awhile, but I'm talking about being secluded and alone...being excommunicated...that type of alone. Luckily this fear has not been realized, and I hope it never does.

-Strangers at night: I think everything is a little scarier at night, but I'm pretty terrified of being jumped, mugged, beaten up, etc by strangers that pass me by at night time. I know part of this comes from being beat up and robbed at my own house my senior year of college. We had a house warming party in summer before school started. By the end of the night my house was filled with mostly strangers. Turns out the house had a history of being a big party house, and all of Spokane, at least the Northside, knew this. We didn't. So when I walked down the hall to my room and saw four or five people looting through my roommate's room, and then noticed my room had been gone through, I went upstairs to tell the few remaining people I knew. Went out the front into our huge, dirt driveway...well more like a giant hilly parking lot...only to get turned on by an angry fighting mob. I distinctly remember the fist as it flew at my right eye and I fell backwards to the ground. I remember trying to scoot away on the ground and having this chunky kid hover over me, kick me, and demand my wallet...which I didn't have on me. I then ran around back and called the cops. Through a friend, who's mom worked for the police, we found out the incident was officially labeled as "house party got out of control" and nothing to do with our stuff being stolen or us being beaten up. Tough lesson to learn I guess.

-Horses: I've never had much contact with them but I've heard too many injury riddled stories to not be afraid of them. Plus they are soooo strong and so much bigger than I am. Like I'm afraid to even go up to a horse and feed it a carrot, or pet its face, or anything like that. I respect their power and haven't been around them enough, with the right supervision or support, to see their gentler side. I hope I can get over that because I'd love to go horse back riding at some point. That seems like too much fun that's too easy to access to pass up. We'll see I guess...

3 Goals

-Throw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field

-Become a grandfather. Yes I know this seems off, by skipping the obvious step that has to happen first, but I know I'm going to be a father. I love kids too much to not have at least one of my own. What I really want is to live long enough to see my kid(s) have kids of their own. I can only imagine how wonderful that's going to be...to have this little child calling me grandpa and it being 100% true. Simply amazing.

-Work in the sports industry in some direct way. Whether its back office, financial work for the Cubs, or owning the expansion NBA team in 2040, or coaching...though that seems far less likely because I never played any sport passed high school. I love sports too much to not make it part of my career at some point. It only makes sense. Sports make me happy, so why not work in/for what makes me happy?

3 Current obsessions/Collections

-Sadly, the Real World Hollywood probably falls in the category. I'm usually more drawn into the Real World/Road Rules Challenge shows, but this Hollywood cast is so dynamic and explosive. I can't really explain why I'm so drawn to these shows but I am. I don't idolize them or anything, but they're like my little guilty pleasure when they're on.

-Facebook: OMG is that so true right now. Not only do I get text alerts for messages, pokes & wall posts, but this new chat feature has been logged in all day at work. Its nice to be able to chat to people throughout the day, but it doesn't end there. I get home and probably check my page about eight times before the night is over. Its never been like this before, so I have no idea what's going on now. Rar!

-M's games: Back before the season started I decided I was going to attend one game from every series. So each time the M's play a new team at home, I'm there. This includes teams they've already played at home, so long as there's time in between. For instance, the M's played the Angels from June 2-4, but will also play them again later in the summer. Each new Angels series is one more game I go to. So far I've made it to at least one game from each series. Its been fun. I've made friends with Dewayne who works the beer booth out in center field. He's hilarious. He looks like the guy in the foreground from Three 6 Mafia.

3 Random, Surprising Facts About Me

-I've never broken a bone. Ever. Never even sprained anything. Bruised a bone once when I kicked a chair because I was mad at my mom but that's it.

-The longest job I ever had was working for WaMu. I moved within the company, and had three different title, but nothing else even comes close. Before that it might been a part time job for like six or seven months, but I'd definitely not held a full time, 40 hour/week job, for any longer than a summer job. Funny thing I was laid off from WaMu and worked there for exactly two years. May 15th, 2006 was my start date and my official end date was May 15th, 2008.

-The first beer I ever drank was a Busch Lite. I hated it, but asked for another. My first legal drink was a pint of Guiness. I actually loved that, but don't ever really drink Guiness anymore...and really only did a few times after that first one.

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Kritta22 said...

I'm so glad you did the survey! It's fun, huh? I also have never broken a bone!