Monday, June 9, 2008

Wardrobe malfunction here's a little lighter post for everyone. Lately my blog has been pretty serious and heartfelt, which is fine and good and happens from time to time. Lucky for all of you (but unlucky for me) I had a bit of bad luck today, but now its just funny so I'll share it with everyone. Today at work, while returning from a Costco run and attempting to bend over and pick up a 35 pack of bottle water, 24 pack of Gatorade, box of Grandma's cookies, giant mixed bag of candy, and the new Indiana Jones Lego game for the 360 (looks AWESOME but haven't played yet) while in the elevator...wait for it...yea ok that was enough build up...the back of my pants split wide open. Yep. Full on ripped at the seams to show the world my bum...well my stylish boxer briefs anyway. Luckily I was alone in the elevator and had a coat. It was somewhat terrifying at the time but now its just funny. So here's some pics of my pants...and the nearly 12 INCH HOLE IN THE BUTT.

Here's the proof that it ripped almost 12 inches. Seriously...that's some serious rippage :/ good thing I only had to look an idiot with my rain coat tied around my waist for the last two hours or so of the day :)

This is also the first time I've uploaded pics...its kind of fun. I'm going to have to start doing that more. Maybe I'll even start taking some real photos. Hmmmmmmm...

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Kritta22 said...

Good work on the rippage! If you are going to do it, do it well!