Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Normal Sized Mo?

My friend Jordo (who needs to update his freaking dream blog) started calling me The Big Mo after he heard an ad on the radio for a mortgage company...or something related. In this ad, there's a family that wants to buy a new boat, or go on vacation, or do something fun and expensive but they can't because they're mortgage is too big...THE BIG MO SAYS NO! In this case "the mo" is their mortgage. He thought it was hilarious, and now I am The Big Mo, The Mo, Matty Mo, Mo, Moses, Mosephus & Mosephus the Red.

After sitting around the house all because I stayed home from work in order to try and kick my nasty cough, I've had plenty of time to myself to think about things. I've found myself being more patient, which is my current self-improvement project. Mostly its meant not getting angry at slow and/or rude drivers, but I'm catching myself before I start getting upset, keep myself calm and just go with the flow. Ha! Literally I just go with the flow of traffic. I posted about wanting to learn and exercise more patience, and I hope in doing so, those who read it will help me to keep it up. In that same line of thought, I'm hoping to start either a new blog, or recurring posts on my goal to lose weight and get in better shape. I know I'm no picture of perfect health, and could stand to lose a few pounds and eat better, but when a video game (Wii Fit) tells you that you're obese based on your BMI...it kind of sticks with you.

Obese, huh? I've never thought of myself as that out of shape and/or overweight but BMI is supposed to be a very accurate measure of just how overweight/in shape you are. I'm no expert, but I believe BMI is a direct correlation between how tall you are, how old you are, and how much you weigh. Most "healthy" people fall into a certain range, and depending on your career (professional athlete mostly) your BMI should fall into this range. A little higher and you need to hit the treadmill. Towards the top of the rating (yours truly), you need to start making some changes in your lifestyle.

So here goes.

I guess today is my farewell day. The day I wave goodbye (hopefully for good) to bad eating habits, poor exercise regimen & all that flabby weight hanging off my body. Again, as with things past, me and significant changes don't come very easily but I'm hoping that I can commit to posting update on my blog. As a result, I'm hoping that keeps me focused and helps those around me keep me on top of things as well. I've gotten some nice, positive feedback on the first self-improvement blog, and I'm hoping to get some of the same here.

Ok so I've decided to start a new blog about this. It will be easier to update, follow, post pics, etc. If you want to go check out my new blog then take a look over here. Or find it over here >>>> under the Blogtastic section and the name "The New Mo."


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