Monday, June 2, 2008

Another birthday come and gone...or not?

Pretty good birthday today. Definitely could've ended better, but overall I can't complain much about my day. I wish I could sift through and organize all the thoughts racing through my head right now but I'm tired and that would take way more concentration that I am capable of right now. I would like to thank everyone for the copious amounts of good birthday wishes sent my way, and for those who joined me in lunch, dinner and/or trivia tonight. It's only Monday but I feel like I had such a quality, fulfilling day (and I didn't even get to see K-Diggity) and yet the rest of the week promises to be just as awesome...M's game Wednesday (thanks Mom) and bday party Saturday! How awesome remains TBD but for now I'm optimistic for a quality week.


ps> Cubs won their eighth straight with a win over the Padres tonight...ah jeah!

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