Thursday, June 5, 2008

i have never know the like of this...

...I've been alone and i have missed things and kept out of sight but other girls were never quite like this.

Special thanks to The Beatles for that opening line. :)

this last week has been a jumbled journey of emotion...both in the highs and lows but also in the oddities and unique nature of my emotional hodgepodge over the past seven days.

last thursday started like any other (well except that i played hooky from work). ok so it didn't start like any other, but as is customary, i headed down to greenlake for some thursday evening frisbee. it was great. get to see friends. run around. play frisbee and awesomeness abounds. then, as is also customary, we head over to Prost! (my favorite bar in Seattle) for some tasty German biers. luckily for me, that's the night i met a friend of a friend. granted, we didn't talk much that night but i thought she was very cute and seemed totally chill. and she liked beer. so, win. win. win.
**funny side note: my friend told me she had two friends coming to meet us at Prost! and as i usually do (but rarely follow through on bc that's not what i do) i asked if her friends were single and if it was ok for me to "hit on" them. yes. i said "hit on." i know i'm terrible. so when one of her friends caught my eye i thought it was pretty funny bc of my comment before she arrived. go figure, right?**
so there that is. anyway. this new girl ends up coming to the impromptu party we threw on saturday, and this time i actually talked to her. a lot. and she is totally chill, totally hilarious, totally funny, fun, sarcastic, grounded, real, genuine, intelligent, adorable and a handful of other awesomeness. to keep a longer story short, we hit it off really well and i was downright giddy.

fast forward to today, when i saw her again for the first time since sunday (met up with some of her friends at a pub but i didn't get to talk to her at all bc of how the seats were arranged and how many people were there), and again i couldn't stop smiling at the thought of seeing her. over the last several days though, i've realized a few important things:

-she recently got out of a very serious relationship, so if we "hooked up" now i'd be the rebound guy...which is absolutely not what i want, and i hope the same goes for her.

-i definitely think there were vibes at the party, but she wants to be cautious bc we barely know each other and take things slowly (which i completely respect and understand).

-i truly believe that God and His divine intervention led her to me. if you know me, then you know i've never said anything like this before, but i sincerely believe it to me true now. i have not maintained the best relationship with God over the past two years and then this amazing girl enters my life and completely pinpoints exactly how i've struggled to find the balance between having fun and following Him.

-beyond that, there is something different and special about this girl. as yet, i have no idea how she is going to play a role in my life, but i do feel like i've made a fun new friend.

-as such, i am absolutely going to slow down, get to know this girl more and wait for her. i know i can do it. i know this bc the other night my friend said waiting for a girl is stupid, then his fiance (and the friend of this girl) was shocked at this response and said something to the effect of "so if i hadn't been ready to date, you wouldn't have waited for me?" to which he obviously had no reply bc his foot was lodged so far into his mouth. but when she said that, my very first thought was "yes, i can absolutely wait for her."

now i don't want this to sound like i've decided i'm going to date this girl (or rather that at some point she's going to come around and decide to date me) but rather i'm saying that the timing of the vibes is wrong, and i have the patience to wait and see if those turn into something.

its like this quote i heard in a movie (Evan Almighty actually) in which Morgan Freeman (playing God...hmmmmm) says something like this to one of the characters: "when a person prays for patience, do you think God gives them patience, or does He give them opportunites to be patient?"

right now i truly believe the second half of that line is totally true.

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