Thursday, July 3, 2008


The M's are no longer the worst team in baseball...well I don't think we ever were but we've had the worst record for some time now but not anymore baby (haha...not with inward singing check it After our win tonight and San Diego's loss, the Padres now own the worst record in baseball. Not us!!! Sweet! Plus I went to the game tonight, and while it was unreasonably muggy, the game was great and I got to see it with my dad, sister & brother. My dad had never been to Safeco before so I know it was a lot of fun for him. Apparently the M's are undefeated when any of them attend. 4-0 for my sister, 2-0 for Batman this season & now 1-0 for dad. It was great to see the game with them and great to finally see an M's win at home.

I really felt that Felix's home run in NYC (yes I was at that game and it ROCKED (more about that and my NYC trip soon I promise)) and taking two of three from the Mets was a turning point for the team. Since then they swept the Padres in San Diego and just took two of three from the Blue Jays at Safeco. I freaking love baseball.

Cubbies also won tonight too!!!

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