Sunday, April 20, 2008

Work, beer & snow?

Still no "official" word but my last day at the HLC will be the 30th of this month. I don't know this with absolute certainty but seeing as I have to turn in my keys by the end of day on the 30th, and my e-mail & phone access are being disabled on May 1st...I'm not coming in to work even if I still have a job after the 30th. So there that is.

This last Thursday, the year of sobriety ended with a glorious evening at Prost! I was going to wait until my birthday to have a drink, but after gathering at Prost! with some friends, I decided it better to go big...with a 2 liter boot (giant boot shaped glass that is passed around the table until its I didn't drink it by myself) of one of my favorite beers (delicious German hef called Franziskaner) and then some half liters of the tasty Spaten Pils in my very own, personalized (with my name and the month/year when I "earned" it) stein. Plus one of my favorite bartenders was there too so it all lined up as a great night to have my first beer in over three months.

Again I really believe I could go the whole year without drinking, but I enjoy a nice beer here and there, especially if I'm going to Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field & Vegas this summer.

And then it snowed. On Friday. In freaking April. And this was after a glorious near 80 degree Saturday last week. So a week after a nice sunny day of frisbee and two hand touch at Greenlake, some buddies and I went up a little north and played some three on three, two hand touch IN THE FREAKING SNOW. It was a lot of fun, but oh so freezing cold...especially when you run a play where you're required to intentionally fall down to draw the attention of the defense. Brrrrrr!

So there's a quick update of what's going on with me and a brief look at my weekend. Also...that creepy $5 foot long Subway commercial just came on. If you've seen it, then you know EXACTLY what I mean. Its really just disturbing and if the oven roasted chicken breast sub wasn't so good...I'm pretty sure I'd be staying clear of Subway.

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