Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Class & Common Sense

We all need plenty of both. There's really no debating that. We do love however, to debate how often (and how much) we lack those two things...and for most that's a losing argument.

While on the bus this morning, we arrived at the stop at 46th & Aurora, near the Wallingford area. Typically this is one of the biggest stops, at least based on the number of people that typically board the bus, and this morning was no different. Unfortunately the bus was already brimming with passengers as we pulled up, and as such, we were only able to take on a few more riders. This meant leaving a good 10-15 people still waiting at the bus stop. What is also important to note, is that this section of Aurora is very busy in the mornings, and even if buses did slow down after pulling away from the bus stop to let on that last person running for the bus (which they seldom do)...this would not be the place for such an exception.

Why do I paint such a picture for you? So you can fully understand just how stupid and classless this man running for the bus was this morning. As we were pulling away, the man was running towards the bus stop and waving as if to catch the bus driver's attention that he wanted on the bus. Silly man, that trick never works...and why would the driver stop to let you on if she just left 15 other people waiting at the bus stop...or stop a giant bus in the middle of a busy street? I realize he was in a hurry and probably didn't notice the other people still waiting, but come on, think about it a little. To show his frustration, he emphatically flipped us the bird. Thanks guy. Way to follow up your stellar display of intelligence with a brilliant showing of how classy you are. Sitting in the back of the bus, I had the best view of the entire event...which lasted roughly three seconds. I saw him run out, wave both arms quickly, then extend his middle finger in anger...and I found it extremely hilarious. I know I do the same thing sometimes (vent my anger or displeasure with an unwarranted and profane hand gesture) but I couldn't help but find it comical and chuckle contently to myself that I didn't miss my bus this morning.

Stay classy Wallingford.

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