Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A myriad of things...

I wish I had a smart phone so I could blog more readily when the urge (and/or that moment of brilliance) happens. Seriously. Like the other day when I was riding in the front seat of my roommate's car (while he was driving)...we were waiting to make a right hand turn and there was a guy in a little truck in front of us...part way into the intersection...waiting to make a left hand turn onto the street we were on...but heading in the opposite direction. A few things here: this was an unprotected turn (so no arrow @ this light), he had a person in front of him & he was attempting to turn across a very busy road in Seattle (Aurora Ave).

So while he was waiting to turn he decided to play his GUITAR. Yep. I sh!t you not. He was playing his guitar...while sitting in the driver's seat of his truck...waiting to make a left hand turn...and had both hands on the guitar. We were both like...WHAT!? Then when the moment came for him to turn...he started turning, while still holding on to the guitar with both hands...then at the last moment took one hand off to grab the steering wheel while still holding on to his guitar with the other hand. It was miraculous, and unexpected, and ridiculous & stupid (bc he was playing a freaking guitar while driving a vehicle)...but very awesome.

On Monday night (I believe...) there were two college basketball games that ended in rare fashion...will plenty of controversy and flabbergasted coaches. One game (men's) involved the Hoyas of Georgetown University & the Villanova Wildcats...while the other contest (women's) pitted the Lady Volunteers of Tennessee against the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers.

The men's game was tied with under a second left (0.01 seconds to be exact) when a foul was called against the Wildcatds, thus putting the Hoyas on the foul line with a chance to win the game. The Georgetown player made both free throws, which won the game for the Hoyas. Generally I'm a fan of letting the players decide the game, and therefore "swallowing" your whistle at the end of the game in order for this to happen (unless there's some egregious foul that would demand a foul be called). In this case however, no egregious foul was committed but I believe the referee made the right call by calling a foul. The 'Nova player did bump the Hoya player (so contact did happen...but not too much). Regardless...in the final seconds of a game with the score tied and your opponent has the ball 80 feet from his own basket....there is no reason to be within a country mile of that player.

So I blame the 'Nova player for putting himself, and as a result the referee, in the position to make a foul call possible. He did bump him, and if it weren't the end of the game...no one would have ever questioned the call. So get off the referee's back (the Big East officials' office/chairperson/head of all Big East officials said so...he said the referee was correct in calling a foul there...he was forced to make a decision and he made one) because he's not the one who deserves the blame here.

The Lady Vols were down by one point in the final seconds of the game...when it appeared as though there was an issue with the game clock...or the foul being called after the horn (signaling the end of the game) sounded. Don't know all the facts here...sorry. Well in this case it was a blatant foul. The Rutgers played pulled the Lady Vols player to the ground by the back of her jersey. Egregious. Was the game "technically" over? I don't know...but the referee was again forced to make a call. The call was a foul that put the Lady Vols at the free throw line with 0.2 seconds remaining and her team down by a single point. If she makes both...her team wins...if she makes one...overtime...if she misses both then Rutgers wins. So what does she do?!?! She sinks both free throws like it was nothing. BAM! Game over. Tennessee wins. Rutgers loses.

Moral of this game: don't grab your opponent by the back of her jersey and throw her to the ground....duh. Again I don't blame the official, but the fouler (as opposed to the foulee) for putting herself in that position. Next thing you know the UNITED STATES CONGRESS is going to be ruling on whether or not games were fairly and/or properly officiated. I'm nauseous at the thought. Stupid MLB (OMG why am I saying this I love basebal...why?...because this has gotten out of hand) & the NFL for taking Roger Clemens' possible steroids use & the Pats "Spygate" (repsectively...Clemens = MLB, Pats "Spygate" = NFL) for involving the US Congress. They have better things to do...yes I said that. I love sports but using Congress to purify the game and/or prosecute those who may have compromised the integrity of the game is just ludicrous. Ludacris?...um...craz....crz....cr...nuts!

On a lighter, better note...I enjoy really good music....like up and coming local band Barcelona. I started following them bc I went to college with the lead singer...but I still follow them bc of how talented they are. Check them out.... wearebarcelona.com or myspace.com/wearebarcelona

I also just bought Amy Winehouse's new album. While I think she is completely off her rocker (either bc of all the drugs, or bc of the guy she's married to/dating or both) crazy insane nuts (meh on punctuation there)...she seems to be quite talented musically so I figured I would give the recent mutli-Grammy winner a shot.

I swore I had something else but I guess not...oh!...I did stumble across this blog today and found it genius...seriously. Blogging in haikus about the random 'ish' in your pocket is so creative and 18 different kids of awesome....I only wish I could come up with an idea that awesome. Maybe someday I will...for now I will end with a haiku of my own...about my day.

MTR Haiku (v 1.0)

Malibu transport.
Piasecki docs vanished!
Taco Bell dinner.

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