Friday, February 22, 2008

Did not see THAT happening...

Who knew so many players would change jerseys at the last minute? Not me...then again I'm not an "expert." There were some pretty substantial players & pieces moved around at the tail end of the trade deadline so all my ranting and predicting from yesterday really needs some tweaking...and its far too soon to even attempt to do so. In the short time since the trade deadline has come & passed, very few things are clear and/or certain...but these are most certainly true:

-The Sonics, who I've pretty much sworn off as a professional basketball team, scored more draft picks. Now they're up to something like 13 picks in the next three years, with six of those coming in the first round....four to six anyway. That's huge. They parted ways with the two old men on the team (Wally & Kurt Thomas) and are ripe for change....for rebuilding around a mega-superstar in Durant...and for bringing in loads of young talent & shaping it into a contender. At least that's my opinion....too bad for us here in Seattle that this will all happen in Oklahoma City. Bastards. In three years, the Sonics are gonna be good. Real good.

-Apparently LeBron is happy. Seeing as I don't have his cell phone number...I can't call and confirm this but that's what I'm hearing/reading. Cavs traded away younger players who didn't quite fit in the system and/or underachieved (Hughes & Gooden) and get some seasoned vets (Smith & Wally) & a former All-Star with championship experience (Wallace). Are these the missing pieces? Are the Cavs now up there with Detroit & Boston? Will LeBron stay happy? Too early to tell...but at first glance it looks like an upgrade for a team that needed a lift.

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