Monday, February 4, 2008

My favorite new word

Bitch assness...ok maybe that's two words. I'm sitting here watching Making the Band and P. Diddy just called out one of the members of his new male r&b/pop group and told him he has some "bitch assness" in him...and how that's a contagious sickness. LOL. What!?!? Then the rest of the band kept calling him salty bc he was all irritated/pissed that they were calling him out. I don't understand...but I find this show, like many other reality shows, so fascinating bc its an insight into a world I would otherwise never know. Lately I've also enjoyed Celebrity Rehab...which is a dark and real insight into the other side of celebrity status...the excess fat of their riches and fame...the kind of stuff the general public either doesn't know about...or chooses to ignore.

I also love all the MTV real world/road rules challenges. I know they're awful but its entertaining.

Yea. Its bedtime.

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