Monday, February 4, 2008

Just a quickie

Not that kind. You dirty minded readers. Tsk tsk.

In a previous entry I explained how my own mother found me a blind date. I guess that kind of sounds bad...that my mom has to find me dates...or does find me dates. Whatever the case is...meh.

Last night tho, I finally got around to calling her. I had been busy, but not so busy that I couldn't have called sooner. It happens. Luckily I hadn't shut the door that has partially been opened. I wasn't able to get her on the phone, but instead got her voicemail (and if its possible to tell if someone is cute based on how their voice sounds on their voicemail...then she's really cute). Left her this bumbling message about who I was and why I was calling. It had to be one of the more awkward moments in my life...I kid you not. As the phone was ringing I was secretly hoping she wouldn't answer so I could leave a message and then the ball would be back in her court...then it did go to voicemail and I had no idea what I was going to say. Damn. Apparently my mother informed her of my coversational retardation when it comes to talking on the phone, so maybe my message was about what she expected. Who knows? Mo knows!...oh wait...I don't.

I called her from my landline bc my cell gets spotty service at my place. I decided after I called to send her a text message, giving her my cell # again just in case my previous voicemail came out as gibberish?...jibberish?...garbledness. I thought what followed via text messaging was quite fun & entertaining so here's the text transcript (her name removed to preserve anonymity):

(9:42pm, Sunday) Me: This is matt moore. This is my cell number and my home number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. I get terrible cell reception at home. Hope to hear from you soon.

(9:47pm) Her: Mi Matt :-) just got your message and hope you get this. Is it ok if I give you a call tomorrow? Not sure what your work hours are. I'm heading to bed in a few. Let me know :-)

(9:50pm) Me: I work 8:30 to 5:00. You can call me @ work if you want but its a crapshoot if i'll be able to answer. What hours do you work and what does your week look like?

(9:52pm) Her: I work Tuesday through Friday, average hours something like 11 to 6 or 7. Depends on how many patients I have. I coach soccer Mondays and Wednesdays and the other days are pretty open after work

(10:17pm...that last one from her didn't receive until I said...bad reception at home) Me: Ok. Well give me a call tomorrow when you get a chance and we can figure something out :)

(10:18pm) Her: Ok, sounds good. Have a great night and don't work too hard tomorrow:-)

(10:19pm) Me: Ha ha. Well if i dont work hard the job might not be there anymore so i gotta kick ass. Try not to do too much on your day off :p

(10:20) Her: Never do. Errands and other stuff including fascinating paperwork :-) have a great night

(10:23pm...I broke the lightning fast texting chain...noooooooooo!) Me: Sounds exciting. I thought u were going to bed? I dont want to make u too tired for that exciting paper work. Good night. I look forward 2 talking 2 u tomorrow. (the 2's and u's were to make it all fit in one msg)

(10:24pm) Her: Same here :-) night

So there that is. I have to say I've been frantically checking my phone all day to make sure I haven't missed her call...or at least haven't let a message sit there all day w/o responding...but nothing yet. I'm super excited tho...I just hope I can deliver a killer date :)

(ps> this post is dedicated to my friend Diane bc she was on my case about making this phone call before it was too late....and bc this is how she keeps up with my life now :P)

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