Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WTH?...Hawks...Technology....& Local Drivers

Seriously. I think I use that word a lot...but seriously. 42-20? FORTY FREAKING TWO!?! (for those of you are do not like sports, football, seattle football, my super mega blog entry about sports, or just long rambling rants about things you're only interested in bc that cute guy from accounting likes sports, so you pretend to (also...BOO! for those who fall into this category...you are the second worst type of 'sports fan' there is...second only to people who are bandwagon fans...like this year with Green Bay and the resurrection of Brett Favre...or the Cowboys 'fans' during the early 90's when they won three Super Bowls...or anyone who claims to be a Yankees fan even thought they don't live there, have never lived there, or even visited there...horrible)) ...then you should probably not read this top section. phew.

(also. punctuation is fun...like I enjoy it more than I probably should. at least...how I use it. i guess i don't like commas so much as these: .... (I think it creates a more dramatic pause affect where as people just read over commas...but I guess those same people who probably just read...over...these...like...they're....not...really there. so idkwtf.))

So the Hawks.

The good (this will be short...really short): first two Green Bay possessions result in fumbles that we use to score two quick touchdowns and go up 14-0. Tying for the most points scored in the 1st quarter of a playoff game (28 combined points (14-14)). The end.

The bad: allowing Green bay to so quickly get back into the game. It was 14-14 at the end of the 1st quarter (see how the good was actually a bad? yea...that's a problem)...allowing Green Bay to score on six straight possessions (which is especially bad considering the first two possessions were fumbles)...the fact that those six straight scores were TOUCHDOWNS (I just threw up a little)...allowing RYAN MOTHER FREAKING GRANT to run for a franchise record 200+ yards and three rushing TDs....who? ryan mother what? exactly. who? A NOBODY...only scoring six freaking points (2 FGs...good game Josh Brown (no really...he actually looked good)) over the final 50+ minutes of a 60 minute game...not getting any pressure whatsoever on Brett Favre...not stopping Green Bay on any (ok maybe a few LATE in the game when it was already over) 3rd down...the Green Bay punter not playing for the first three quarters (and possibly not ever (tho they did stop scoring after 42, tho I also stopped watching)...so I could be wrong about him not playing at all)...and that's all I remember right now....but that's a lot of badness. OMG we played so bad...oh wait...Green Bay's 42 points is the most the team has ever score in a playoff game...EVER...and this was a team that was a perennial power house....that's won multiple Super Bowls...and when Brett Favre was younger....was VERY good. So that fact that our defense (somewhere int he top 5, at least top 7 in the league in scoring defense) gave up that many points is ludicrous...and not in the good way like the rapper. ha. not even a clever pop culture reference can cheer me about this...it was that bad.

It got so bad that I said I was going to stop watching if we let them score one more time. At that point they had only scored touchdowns on five straight drives...so when they punched in the sixth...I was done. And that takes a lot for me to give up like that. This is my favorite football team. I was SO excited that we got by the Redskins and had a shot at taking down Green Bay if we played up to our potential. And I can take a loss....just not a blow out, embarrassment of a loss like Green Bay put on us. Oh well. Hopefully we can get healthy, re-sign/keep around the key players...and GET RID OF SHAUN ALEXANDER. Don't get me wrong...he was great a few years back when he wasn't as old...but these last few years (granted yes...there have been injuries but still...) have hit him hard and he looks several steps slower with a noticeable lack of tenacity. He used to be money on short yard situations...now I get excited anytime he gets more than two yards...or even just falls forwards on a play instead of falling backwards after taking any contact. We need to get rid of him...keep Mo Morris (bc he fits great with this new passing attack) and then pick up a bigger bodied, bruising, hard nosed, short yardage guy....who can grind out the yards for time eating drives at the end of games....someone like Marion Barber. That dude is a beast...especially for not being "that big." He runs people over...and doesn't go down on the first hit unless several people tackle him. He runs with an FEROCIOUS INTENSITY that is the very thing our "star" running back now lacks. I'd even take Jacob Hester of the LSU Tigers. Not as big as Barber, but a tough, hard nosed running back who is hard to tackle and incredibly "football intelligent." Yea. Hester would be money.

Then there was my computer earlier today. Started typing backwards. Frealz. I would type the word "technology" and the computer would put the "t," but then return the cursor in front of the the "t" and put the "e" there....so it looked like this "ygolonhcet" (which coincidentally is INCREDIBLY hard to convince your brain that the word is actually spelled right, just backwards...OMG you have no idea. It was this inter-cranial struggle between the rational & logistical...or verbal...or linguistical..or whatever part of my brain that tells me "you know...that word just looks wrong...it can't be spelled with two e's...no...that's wrong." It was incredibly difficult to even type one sentence because it went against everything my brain has been taught about spelling words correctly. I first noticed it as I started to blog...and eventually typed out a sentence...but stupidly closed out and restarted my computer to fix the problem. I SHOULD HAVE POSTED A BACKWARDS BLOG...that would've been so sweet. oh well. Stupid. Freaking. Technology. Ugh. So there that was.

And lastly...and yet ever present are the lovely people who attempt to drive on the roads of Seattle with me. I could really go on and on about the people out on the road attempting to pass off what they're doing behind the wheel of their cars as "driving," but I'll try to keep it brief instead...PUT DOWN THE CELL PHONE....DO YOUR MAKEUP @ HOME...DRINK YOUR COFFEE BEFORE OR AFTER WORK, NOT IN THE CAR...AND DON'T attempt to do any or all of these simultaneously while driving. And drive the speed limit. I know I'm not the best driver, and am probably a little over aggressive at times, but I'm never THAT BAD. Ugh. Ok so I started this several days ago and just got back to it, so clearly I lose my original train of thought. Oh well.

El Fin.

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