Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sweater vests, bluetooth headsets & why I "hate" my roommate

Seeing as most of my entries so far have been very long, I've decided to keep this one brief...but hopefully still awesome.

Sweater vests: I remember over a year ago when I wanted a sweater vest but no one carried them. Now they are everywhere and I wish I could prove that I was ahead of the seemingly popular (and current) trend of wearing sweater vests...but I can't. My burden to bear I guess. I bring this up because I went looking for a belt today (because I somehow forgot to put mine on before I left for work) and found some sweater vests...reasonably I decided they were worth a shot...a shot to be sweet & as awesome as I once thought they were. Jeah.

Bluetooth headsets: I currently want/need one bc it is now illegal to talk on your cell phone in the car w/o a "hands free" device. If you have a free one you want to give me, please let me know.

Why I "hate" (the " " are bc I don't hate him, but think its crap that the following scenario has been played all too often, and will continue to continue...ha. words are fun...) my roommate: replace the office with our apartment/townhouse, replace the sword fighting with playing Xbox & keep the bad excuse for I'm actually "doing work (compiling code)" the same.

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