Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who sings this song?

Massively out of context title for this entry, but allow me to explain so you too can experience the shear horror I endured last night....

Yesterday was my little sister's 21st birthday, and seeing as most of her friends aren't old enough to take her out, or are away at school in Spokane, we made it a family affair (and my roommate Dan joined the party too). Now a 21-run with your parents doesn't sound all too exciting, I know, but for an inexperienced drinker (how weird does that sound?...of course she has no experience at 21...then again many of you had plenty by the time you were 21 so maybe that's so weird anymore now is it :P) it was probably a good call. Parents foot the bill, you're in a safe environment (don't have to worry about people handing you evil birthday drinks) & you know you have a responsible driver to take you home. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Not typical 21-run fun (sorry for that rhyme...ugh), but a good time nonetheless.

(...yes I'm getting to my point about the title relating to this post...hold on)

So all this family drinking (except yours truly who is still holding strong to the year of sobriety challenge) took place at Chopstix, on lower Queen Anne. It's a dueling piano bar, and while the crowd wasn't very big, it was a decent sized crowd for a Wednesday. If you have never been to a bar like this, I recommend it. Go with a few friends. Enjoy. There are two pianos facing each other, and they play songs based on audience requests. Typically you go put your request on the piano with $1 or more, and the more $$$ you put with your request the higher probability it will get played. The other good part of the smaller crowd last night was all our requests were being played. Sooooooooooooo (here comes the aforementioned promise of relating to the blog) my roommate requested "Hey Jude," which was a great selection. Lots of fun to sing along with, while two guys are playing away on the pianos. After about a minute into the song or so, my sister leans towards me and asks, "who sings this song?" I swear I'm not lying. Honestly. She really said that. She did go on to say she'd heard the song, and knew the tune, but for whatever unthinkable reason had no idea who made it famous.

Now I realize we all have different tastes in music, but everyone has heard of The Beatles. Even my sister has...she just didn't know one of their more popular songs I guess. So after I got up off the floor (the shear shock of her question sent me flying across the room, out of my chair and onto the floor...(ok well that's all a lie, but if I had been in a movie, that's how it would've happened)) I asked her with a stunned faced, "are you serious?" She was. OMG. I fell over again (but not really). I said it was by the single most famous band of all time....and she still had nothing. Not a clue. Not one iota (ioda? i-yoda? i-pod? what?) about who I was talking about. When I finally told her it was sung by The Beatles, all she could muster was an, "oh...ok." D'oh! per standard,, entire universe encompassing (ok so I know universal works here, but I felt it didn't quite deliver the magnitude of the deal) regulations, I disowned her as my sister. And per The Office unofficial rules of life to abide by (yes I made that up, but this does come from The Office so go with it), I also shunned my sister...with appropriate hand motion to denote the shunning.

Wow. I'm still a little upset by all this...and now even more so bc I just had to recount the event. Silly little former sister of mine (:P).

Other than that massive fiasco, I enjoyed the evening. Spent almost 4.5 hours there (whoa!), but after the music started the time just flew by. Some other highlights of the night were one of the piano players coming over to take a picture of himself with my mom with our camera...only the flash takes REALLY long so he ended up taking a picture of her chest. THAT was hilarious (sorry mom but that was really funny). That same guy also decided to give an "instant request" to our table, meaning whatever we said...he would play. So of course my dad shouts out....what else?...."Superstition" by Stevie Wonder. LOVE IT. Great song, but made even better by the fact that someone asked for a song, any song, and my dad came up with that. So awesome. I also enjoyed the part where my mom asked me if I wanted to go on a blind date....wait, what?

(definitely need a new paragraph for this)...Yep. My mom is trying to hook me up on a blind date. Well so I thought. Turns out she's already put it in motion....and asking me was just to confirm that I would actually go on a date she promised to this woman. Geez mom. No pressure. Or anything. Or. What? **side note: punctuation. is. fun. when. you. use. it. inwhateverwayyoufeellike. yea.**So my sister &/or mother have been seeing this massage therapist for their ailing bodies and for some reason...I still don't know how or why this ever came to be (perhaps I'm complaining for no reason bc I am actually excited to go on this blind date) but apparently my mom has told her about me, and she has agreed to go out with me on a blind date. Sadly the first thing out of my mouth was "is she cute?" I'm so shallow....I'm ashamed of myself...well at least I didn't ask if she was "hot" or something...cute is ok yea? eh...ok. Well my mom said yes, and my sister agreed (sorry mom...but with things like this...I'm going to trust Sarah's opinion of cute a little more than your' I'm talking directly to my mother even tho she's @ her house and I am @ mine...I know she reads. So this works. And its my blog so I can do what I like...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! in point).

So I got her number from my mom, but haven't called her yet. This was last night, Wednesday night, and after a stressful day at work yesterday, and what promised to be almost as stressful today....I knew I wouldn't feel up to going out tonight: Thursday. Jueves. SPANISH! And this weekend is already full for me. So I may call her later this weekend to try and set something up during the week...or for next weekend. Apparently she likes Thai. And I do too. So dinner is already set...just have to decide on a place. Beyond this I know very little more about her. She is 28. Around 5'4" (OMG! So we were talking about being tall and I said I wished I were 6'2" instead of 6'0" and my sister didn't see what the big deal was...I told her that for guys being tall is money...the difference is all the difference...and I feel like 6'2" would be ideal...then my mom said she would make me seem taller bc she is so much shorter than I sister was confused how another person was going to make me taller and said something to the effect of "she can't make Matthew taller"...and everyone smiled and laughed at how that could be taken out of context...or even in be was hilarious....kudos to my sister for that gem) and her last name is something like Nishamura but I guess she is of Hawaiian decent (I had a friend growing up who was from the Philippines...not Hawaii...but if she looks anything like that...then WOW...bc she was attractive...hmm....Hawaii is not the Philippines...and I think there's one more 'p' in that country's name (yep I was short a 'p' but thankfully this thing has a wicked good spell checker)...oh well on both accounts)). So she's a little older....a little little...with an exotic heritage...she likes you can see why I'm so psyched for the date :D So whenever that happens I will be sure to blog about that (well...what I can anyway :P) bc it should be fun...and it will be the first blind date I've ever been on...and the first "Date" I've been on in awhile...then again I haven't been on many of those explain: date v. Date.

date: what you take your girlfriend out in the middle of the week or for no particular reason other than she's your girlfriend and you want to go out and do something fun with her...also when friends meet up for "coffee dates...lunch dates...and the like" but when its clear its just a friendly meeting that has now colloquially been dubbed a "date."

Date: when you take your girlfriend out for a very specific reason or celebration, when two people exchange numbers and meet up at a later date to "go out on a Date," when someone outside the two Datees, or even one or both of them, agrees to meet up blindly to go on a "blind Date."

See the difference? This is my opinion on the matter, and I've taken plenty of crap for it, and I don't always explain it well enough to make sense to others, but it makes sense to me. Not trying to sound "snooty" or arrogant or harsh or stubborn or haughty or or or or or (ok sorry I'm done) anything like that. I just don't have a problem strongly stating my opinion...with a lot of things.

And speaking of dating...I've never been a "Dater" by my own definition...but I think I'm ready to try and give Dating a real shot. I've had four girlfriends and I never really "Dated" any of them beforehand...tho kinda sorta with the most recent one...but we met almost six years prior and sort of knew each I'm not sure. And I haven't talked to her since we broke up. I didn't expect us to be best friends right away or anything, but I figured after awhile we'd start talking and hopefully remain friends. I said I wanted to. I still do. I really feel we're better suited as friends...which sucks now bc we had to date before I realized feelings were hurt which is never what I want....but it happens....and its unfortunate. So its been over two months now and I haven't heard from her. I bought her a card a week or two ago to send her. Just a nice little, hope you're having a good day kind of card...but I don't know what to write in it...if anything more than what the card says. I wish things like this weren't so difficult....hopefully it will work out somehow....if not then I guess that's the way its meant to be.

Ok well this was supposed to be about my fun night with my sister on her 21st birthday and it turned a little more emotionally deep than I thought it would....meh. I can't help what's on my mind....its got a mind of its own. HA!

Stay tuned for (hopefully soon before I forget) the exciting, and final installments (days 2 & 3) of my trip to Vegas.


Marco said...

Mo, you are tight. I am excited to hear about how the date goes and also more about your Vegas trip.

Sarah said...

just to clear things up I said
"Jenn Could make you taller" not "she can't make you taller"