Tuesday, October 21, 2008

They grow on you...

Beards do. Literally. Well maybe not you but all over my face. I'm growing out my beard in preparation for halloween and have mixed feelings about it. Beards are wicked cool. There is no denying that. I feel however, that my beard is somewhat lacking in awesome. Its too scraggly...or something. I'd prefer a nice, sleek looking beard...like um...Abe Lincoln...or someone equally as awesome. It also keeps my face warm in this biting cold front that has settled in over Seattle. Sometimes it itches, but other than that I guess my beard rocks.

Its been a week or so since I last shaved, and I usually don't go too much longer before I tame my facial beast of beardliness...but for now it stays through halloween...maybe even on into "no shave" november. I've always wanted to do that but never have.

Hmmmm...I recommend you grow a beard if you can. They kick ass.

That's all :)

1 comment:

Katie said...

I would grow a beard if I could.

I think you need to post beard pictures! Ready, set, go!