Monday, May 18, 2009

Nothing good ever happens after 2am

Truth...mostly. Saturday night I almost went to bed at 11:30. Instead I went out and was having a very enjoyable evening until 4am. It was at this time that my friend and I discovered that her car had been towed. No bueno. After finding out (from two gentlemen who were smoking and who I'm convinced called to get the car towed) that we had to call the Seattle police to inquire about the car, the real "fun" began. After 10 minutes of calling wrong numbers or getting transferred to not quite the right places, we found out where the car was being held.

She had talked to a nice guy from the towing company who called her sweetheart. When we got to the towing company we assumed the guy there was the same guy. My friend was like "hi I just called about my car." Sunshine behind the desk replied with a "well it wasn't me." He then instructed us to go to the car and get the registration but NOT TO MOVE THE CAR!!! We return and sunshine actually turned out to be nice once he realized we weren't going to yell at him for towing the car. Small victory.

So she finishes up all the paperwork and pays the fee for getting towed then is informed she has a $38 parking ticket on top of it all. Perfect. So we hear down to her car and at this point it's almost 5am. Get in and the steering wheel/column is definitely stuck. She tries juggling the key and pumping the brake and moving the steering wheel (what little it will move) and nada. I try...nothing. Meanwhile a tow truck shows up with a new car and my friend goes down to see if he can help. He gets in...nothing. Then a minute or two later he gets it. Hallelujah!

So she goes home and I end up getting to bed around 5:30am. It's funny now bc it was so ridiculous but not overly enjoyable at the time. And if I had gone to bed at 11:30 like I almost did...none of the awful tow fiasco would've happened. Up until that point I was having a good time (flight of the navigator and steak fries!!) but it sucks the night had to end the way it did. So if it's after 4am, or 2am or you're thinking about sleeping...just go to bed bc...sleeping is way better than getting your car towed.

And that's what Mo knows :)

-- iPhone'd

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Kritta22 said...

I love that you iPhone'd it!

How do you like your iPhone?

I good comes for being out off 3am. 3am is the magical hour for me. I don't know what it is. If I'm home before that...things good well. If I'm not, for whatever reason....things seriously go bad.