Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Ideal Saturday

Ideally my Saturday involves sleeping in until I wake up naturally...lounging around the house for the rest of the morning...maybe going down to Greenlake because it's nice out today...maybe stopping by Prost! for an afternoon bier. Basically just whatever I feel like...whatever comes my way...rollin' with the punches as my friend E would say (hahahaha +awesome!!).

This Saturday, the one happening right now, has been anything but ideal. I had to wake up at 7:30am to make sure I had enough time to move to some laundry to the dryer in order to have clean, nice looking clothes for work. UGH! is the first working Saturday for me since I rejoined the work force back in March...and the first Saturday I've worked or August of 2007. Wow. So much for the M-F schedule I thought I was getting when I took my current we're open Saturdays. Oh well.

In honor of my glorious...ominous?...hesitant?..."necessary to keep my job" return to a working Saturday (sigh) I thought I'd do a running blog thing. Kind of like how sports writers do running commentary on draft day...only mine won't be nearly as interesting. I also will be pretty vague...if you haven't already noticed. Many of you who read this know where I work but in order to keep myself employed I have to be rather cautious with what I say about work in my just generic stuff...and definitely no names.

So far the morning has gone like this:

8:42 - Show up, open.

8:48 - Set up iPod speaker because I know it's going to be a slow day.

8:57 - Possible computer problems...things aren't loading at normal speed.

9:06 - Everything is up and running just fine.

Let's see what happens for the next four hours...

9:12 - Throw back a 5 hour energy drink with Javvy.

9:31 - Not the slightest hint (and the phone rings!!) of a customer.

9:33 - iPod speaker is already the best idea I've only been here for 51 minutes.

9:42 - A person comes in!!! but he's not a customer. He's lost and looking for a Goodwill on 1765 6th Ave. We're located in the retail hub area of downtown Seattle and after a quick jupm to google maps we find out this Goodwill is south of Safeco Field. Sorry dude...start headin' south. In the meantime he starts putting on deodorant in the lobby. I kid you not. Amazing. Meanwhile the first customer of the day comes in.

9:47 - Help what may be my only customer of the day.

9:50 - Sadly my 5 hour energy is not working nearly as well as the last time I took it at work and was freaking out with insane amounts of energy...maybe it's because I literally have nothing to do...or the lemon-lime flavor is just far superior to the berry.

9:55 - Customer number two arrives...all dudes so far...crazy Goodwill guy included...and my coworkers today - both dudes.

9:57 - And he's gone!

10:06 - Jamba Juice SNl skit with Natalie Portman & "I'm On A Boat" ft. T-Pain...amazingness!

10:11 - Customer three...and it's a duuuuuude! (Clearly the energy is building)

10:15 - Two customers...dude and a lady but its the dude with the transaction.

10:21 - Customer...five...dude!!! This is starting to get really weird.

10:28 - First female customer. Phew...all dudes was getting creepy.

10:29 - Second female customer...and she is taaaaall. At least the world is back in balance now.

10:42 - Oh crap I have training I have to finish before I go to class on Monday...yikes!!

10:53 - Dude in a pony tail...nice guy but still gave me the creeps.

10:54 - On a brighter note Phil Collins is playing over the Muzak out in the branch. YES!!!

10:55 - Dude in a Gonzaga shirt...yea I got nothin' else boring. Back to training...

11:00 - Passed the test on my first try!!

11:44 - All online trained up. Next up two days of class on Monday and Tuesday.

12:09 - My mom just called my cell and I answered on speakerphone...hahaha. So slow.

12:14 - Just found out from a customer that Griffey is up at Niketown doign some Q & A or something but isn't signing autographs...WTH!?!

12:19 - I'm a terrible judge of age...but that's nothing new.

12:22 - Another pony tail!!! but this one is more awesome and yet not creepy. I am shocked.

12:36 - Muse, "Feeling Good"...awesome.

12:44 - I hate when customers want something, you give it to them as they asked, then they tell you it's wrong because they never fully explained what they actually wanted. If you want gold $1 coins with presidents on them then ask for gold president $1 coins...don't just say you want gold $1 coins. UGH!!!

12:51 - Poor guy behind this lady, who just walked up, only wanted to exchange loose change for paper money...and I can't help because it isn't rolled. Tough break just waited all that time for nothing.

12:55 - Almost done...almost lunch time...then nap time...then party time? I think so!

12:56 - Want to go do karate in the garage? (Cue "You Make My Dreams" by Hall & Oates)

1:00 - The end

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