Thursday, October 22, 2009


Oh the joys of not having a car. I currently find myself sitting at the Starbucks across the parking lot from work. No car meant getting dropped off at work today and therefore must wait for a ride home. No big deal (nbd) because it did give me a chance to get a refill on my iced black tea and dust off the ol' mobile blogging app on my phone. So there's the starbucks explanation from the title.

Huh? I thought the title was Superstarbucks? Truth. Also true is this fun math puzzle - superstar + starbucks = superstarbucks. Ohhhh...I get it now! The superstaryness of this math problem relates to work where outstandingness is rewarded with being named superstar of the month. I was not named this...yet. I have been working a lot this week tho, working closely with management and working my butt off. I also just interviewed for a promotion to become the replenishment supervisor. Turns out it's even more important of a position than I had thought, even tho I did realize just how crucial this role is in the general functioning and success of the store. All that and it's reallly only a part time position! I do feel really good about my chances about getting the job since one of the asst. managers told me I should apply and I clicked well with the interim manager who did the interview.

So this would definitely qualify as me getting off my ass and not being so lazy. That and putting in a 40 hour work week for the first time since the end of June. Feels good to be pushig forward and challenging myself rather than staying in my comfortable little bubble. Guess we'll just have to wait and see if this newfound application of myself will pay immediate dividends. In the meantime...Sounders FC on Saturday!!!

-- iPhone'd

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