Monday, March 9, 2009

wamu dejavu

i really wanted to blog throughout my first day, but wasn't sure if i was going to have computer access so i decided that idea was no good. as it turns out i've had computer access almost all day, with nearly all of it being completely i totally could blogged something like this:

9:18am - attempt first log on

9:19am - everything looks good

9:21am - i can log into windows but nothing else

9:22am - restart computer

9:25am - still can't log into anything

9:26am - try to reset password...but my user ID is

9:38am - figure out how to log in, reset password and get the ball rolling

9:42am - restart different computer

9:55am - still not restarted yet get the idea. that was more or less how my first hour went too. oh the joys of starting a new job.

instead of blogging all day i've been doing online training modules. ugh. its tiring. i did have lunch with Jacey & JdL. Stupid Cheeasecake Factory had a super long wait, and then the service is never i was five minutes late getting back to work. AWESOME! My immediate boss, the Operations Supervisor, called me on it and was need to let me know when you're going to be late. Meh...i didn't take a morning break so just won't happen again so it won't ever be an issue.

i think i need to slow down a little on these modules...i barely passed the last one. i think its bc i didn't click on extra links bc i didn't have the slightest clue what color the numerical amount on a wal*mart money order is...rawr.

i also can't believe its after 4pm already. this is great. i've also been sitting most of the day (doing these stupid training modules), which has helped ease me back into the working world. i think i'm gonna pop next door to grab some starbucks (iced black tea!) and then do a few more modules and see if i can't get in a few transactions up on the line before the day is over. gotta earn those the great Chi City (as in say it like shy) said, "get money...get paid" :)

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