Friday, January 2, 2009

When party hats attack...

I just discovered the red party hat I wore home on New Year's Eve left behind a lovely reddish-pink hue on the inside of my collar. It was raining when we walked home, thus causing the dye in the hat to bleed onto my shirt. I've only worn this shirt a few times so I'm really hoping it comes out in the wash...ugh. In the grand scheme of things my shirt is not a big deal, but it is mildly annoying and still fresh in my mind so apparently that made it blog-worthy.

In other more interesting is now 2009. This is also my first post in the new year, and my 100th in this blog. Yay!

Ok so that's really all I have to say right now. Its really late and I should've never turned on the computer. I have several things on my mind right now. Really too much to coherently blog about so I'll save it for later...tho I will say this: I'm pumped for the new year. More on that soon, but for now just know I'm excited to make things happen this year, and optimistic that overall it's going to be a great year :)

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jenny said...

Hey Matt- what is new on the job front? Find your dream job yet?