Tuesday, January 27, 2009

this one is for steeplechase

i had a weird dream last night. and it was also one of those dreams where you don't realize you woke up in the middle of it until several minutes after you wake up. know what i mean? then as the day passed i remembered more and more of it...which is odd for me. i quickly jotted down what i was remembering and decided to share since i haven't posted in awhile. so here's my dream...

i am out with a bunch of friends at someone's house. not sure who's house it is, but it's clearly someone we all know...to the extent that we're comfortable hanging out there and drinking. it reminded me a lot of gordy's old house. anyway...sizer, jordo & greg nuzman were there among others. at one point i put my hand in my pocket and find a prost! mark (plastic chip worth $3.75 at prost!). i have two at home so now i have three. then jordo walks up to me and says he has three prost! marks too...even tho i didn't say that i had three out loud. shortly after i realize the music playing is from john legend's newest album. i recognize the song and start to sing along kind of loudly...and in a better singing voice than i actually have. i'm also DD and decide i want to leave. i say something to the effect of "sorry if this is a dick move but i'm leaving now so you're S.O.L. if you're not ready to leave right now." as i walk out i see this girl i had been talking to in the house. she is sitting in the passenger's seat of a red sports car. i didn't get her number but am still too nervous to ask. i walk over and she rolls down the window. i ask her the name of the bar she works at and she rights "deliverance" on a napkin and hands it to me. and then i woke up.

i found it to just be odd in general...then especially odd at all the random details i remembered so vividly. and i don't typically remember my dreams. that's all for tonight. i know i haven't updated in awhile but it don't feel like making this a "hey check out this random dream i had/what's going on with me lately" entry. so just the weird dream for now...and if nothing else i hope this brightens your day and finds you enjoying a tasty lunch ;)


Katie said...

I liked your dream but am not enjoying a tasty lunch. :)

Elise said...

He He Thanks Mo :) Keep Updating!